The Legend of Zelda is My Most Anticipated E3 Game

Jason Stettner of Gamerheadquarters writes; "The bookings for E3 2016 have been quite average and with that it has made The Legend of Zelda my most anticipated game of E3."

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1795d ago
Zeldafan641795d ago

It is my most anticipated game as well if any of you couldn't tell from my user name.

wonderfulmonkeyman1795d ago

After waiting for so long to see solid info, my hype levels for this can't be any higher.
It's gonna be the best game at E3, for sure.

Zeldafan641795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

It sucks that it's impossible to play the game with motion controls and gamepad integration at the same time. I absolutely love the motion controls in Skyward Sword and while I'm sure the gamepad integration will be great I don't think I'll like it as much. Actually now that I think about it it is possible but I doubt they did that. It also wouldn't be a completely fluid experience if they did that.

deafdani1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Ok, screw everything, I'm replying to you.

1. I'm sorry. I was out of line a while ago when I called you out and compared you with Chiller. I don't really think that, I was having a pretty bad day and I just exploded. I stand by my point that I don't really agree with your views and I think you get rather extremist at times, but all the same, I didn't convey my feelings properly, and for that I'm embarrassed of myself. That was wrong, and for that I apologise.

2. Yup, seeing how Nintendo is placing pretty much all of their bets (or 99% of them, anyway) on Zelda, it's very likely that it will blow everyone's socks off at this E3, so yeah, it's a pretty strong contender to best of the show. Although I'm reserving my final judgment because I'm also hyped as all hell for Mass Effect Andromeda, because Mass Effect is my favorite third party IP. And there's always a surprise new IP or two that can floor everyone, like Horizon Zero Dawn, or Watch Dogs (yeah, the final game was a severe disappointment, but I'll be damned if Watch_Dog's reveal back at E3 2012 wasn't spectacular).

wonderfulmonkeyman1795d ago

It's fine.
I figured that you were having an especially rotten day and that's why I didn't take it to heart. All is forgiven, and I don't mind you not agreeing with me on everything.
And yes, I do come off as extremist at times, but at the same time, I try not to be, by keeping all factors in mind when considering a point.
My brain doesn't work the same way as a lot of other peoples' do, and that can cause some frustration in others when I talk with them, so for that I do apologize to you.

As for other games, I'm not sold on Watch Dogs 2 [more-so after having bought my own copy on the cheap and played through it to completion], but I'm hoping that ME will be a contender during the E3 show.
A gameplay video from it will be one of the things I want to see most, but I'm keeping my expectations tempered by only expecting a teaser CGI trailer instead of hard in-game play footage.

R00bot1795d ago

I am that much more excited for Zelda than any other game. It's had so much time in the oven, it's gotta be amazing right?