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"The WMDs have been found..."

This is Grand Theft Ka-Boom! The type of experience that taps into primal urges to obliterate, subjugate and dominate your environment with mountains of fire, Mercenaries 2: World in Flames is what your momma warned you about.

If GTA was a character-driven Scorsese flick this is John Woo doing Die Hard in the jungle. Morally ambiguous to the point of charm and unapologetically aloof about its destruction, it's one of the action games of the year...

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Ozzyb3752d ago

That's more like it! I figured this game would be about that.

3752d ago
jay23752d ago

Very funny review, I loved reading it.

doshey3752d ago

maybe i will rent this bad boy i like the first one i dont see why i would like the second one

USMCj3752d ago

going to go get my copy now. weeeeee.

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