E3 2016's Most Anticipated Games

Video Game Culture HQ is attending E3 2016 and have compiled a top five list of our E3 2016's most anticipated games, but who will shine the most?

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guywazeldatatt1802d ago

I'm really excited about this year's E3. It's going to be fantastic. These games are going to be great, and there's even more that we don't even know about.

Gaming_Cousin1802d ago


guywazeldatatt1802d ago

I agree! Cannot wait to attend. Hopefully it's a great year!

lifeistranger1802d ago

It's a solid list, although I'm really pumped for Mafia 3. Should be fun.

guywazeldatatt1802d ago

I'm really excited for that too but didn't want to do a top 10

GamerGaming1802d ago

Great list. I hope there are plenty unannounced surprises too.

guywazeldatatt1802d ago

I'm sure there will be. I just wish we were getting some E3 launch titles!

guywazeldatatt1802d ago

I got to see that last year. It looked pretty awesome. Stayed in the same hotel as one of the devs

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The story is too old to be commented.