What I’m Expecting Sony To Show At E3

Expect VR to also take front and center stage. Obviously in order to run a solid VR experience the framerate needs to be rock solid, and I fully expect the new PS4.5 to take advantage of it’s supposed upgrade to offer higher framerates for a more immersive experience. VR is only in it’s infancy, but you can bet Sony will jump on the opportunity to provide a solid virtual experience at an affordable price, as while the PC counterparts (HTC’s Vive and the Oculus Rift) are stronger technically, are much more expensive.

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gangsta_red1796d ago

I want to see what CoD has lined up this time. Interested to see what the space combat will be like.

JustGamin851796d ago

Ok i would like to see some more content for FF, AND PLEASE JUST GIVE US A TEASER OF THE LAST OF US 2!!! With all the great games coming out, i always find myself heading back to TLOU and having fun with some MP action.

showtimefolks1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

games and a lot of games. basically try to out do last year. great thing about going after MS is there is always a chance to up the ante lol. and before someone replies yes there is always a plan A and plan B. if ms brings their A game than show a lot more if not keep some stuff back for other shows

i think 3rd party wise everything is set in stone but sony can always show more of their exclusives if needed

kenwonobi1796d ago

I want to see a bunch of games. I also want to see virtual reality games. The Last Guardian has to launch this year. I want a surprise it two. If they are gonna launch a Neo? Hopefully blow me away a little. Give a little excitement to buy it.

ThePsychoGamer1796d ago

Can't say I want much from their E3, Announce some older final fantasy games will be made available on the PS4, and give Yakuza 0 the respect it deserves (at show a full trailer during the press conference.) and I'll be satisfied.