XBox hacker alert from Bristol mum

A Bristol mother is warning other parents to beware of online hackers after someone used her son's XBox Live account while the family were on holiday.

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thewho3699d ago

What the f is she 'warning' us about? Stupid article.

Caxtus7503699d ago

It is far more likely it was somebody he knew like a friend who knew his password. Or he had saved his LIVE account on a friends xbox.

You hardly ever hear of XBL and PSN hackings. It was more likely lack of common sense. Maybe an older sibling was in the house whilst they were away etc.

militant073699d ago

20k not that much :P i guss its 300$ not sure

Dyingduck3699d ago

This is why Firefox > IE
This is why Mac > PC (everything except for gaming, duh)

Montrealien3699d ago

DyingDuck = Sad Multiple account troll

Montrealien3699d ago

So her kid's account was hacked and the hacker bought points for games then transferred said games/points to hackers accounts? Am I missing something here? I say kid bought games and blamed it on hackers to mum, lol

TheZippo3699d ago

You can't transfer MS points from one account to another. I just skimmed the article but I didn't see where he actually got his account back.

Montrealien3698d ago

oh yeah, that would make sense.:S

Lon3wolf3699d ago

Sounds like they spent more than they should of or the son did. So they blame it on hackers because they can't pay it back. Msoft said that the account had not been hacked. I don't buy anything from Live personally, isn't there some sort of security password or something in place when you purchase something? If you had to enter a pin or something every time surely that would help.

tuaamin133699d ago

It suggests she could have been a victim of the social engineering thing, where people call up MS support and get the rep to feel sorry for them, and then give over the password. Some ******* apparently get off to that sort of thing.

His account wasn't "hacked" but yeah it could have been parents racking up too much money (I doubt that's what it is though, because they were on vacation and can presumably prove his Xbox wasn't on), then there's also the 'friends' stealing (some friends they are, right?) or the social engineering thing.

I'm leaning towards the latter 2, though it's certainly possible what you said is true.

militant073699d ago

not easy to hake account , acutally possible without your information such as email

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The story is too old to be commented.