Overwatch Is Salvation For Washed-Up Gamers Like Me

DeadSpin - It’s been years since I’ve been able to enjoy playing an online first-person shooter. Back when I was a younger, worse version of myself, I used to be really good at them. I played more Rogue Spear than I care admit as a teen, and even in college I was still good enough to hold my own against Call of Duty’s horde of racist 14 year olds. Everything changed when I entered adulthood, though, and tried my hand at one of the myriad Call of Duty sequels—I believe it was called Call of Duty: What Are You Doing Here? Aren’t You, Like, 25?—and found that my only proficiency was getting shot in the face. Even more recently, I purchased Star Wars Battlefront, because I will run head first into literally anything Star Wars related, and proceeded to spend a few weeks eating laser beams and crashing X-Wings into mountains before setting it aside for good.

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Maxor1804d ago

Damn I'm trying to resist but it's getting harder each day. Can 7 millions copies be wrong? I dunno, but I just don't like the idea of 6x6. Seems too small scale for a support oriented guy who prefers to lurk on the battlefield than mix it up.