Four Battlefield 1 things DICE are not really talking about right now

By Leon Hurley
Considering just how much everyone went nuts for Battlefield 1 when it arrived we don’t actually know that much beyond the teaser trailer. World War 1, horses, tanks, planes… big stick with nails in. That’s about it.

If only we had someone we could ask about some of this stuff? Which is where multiplayer producer Andreas Morell comes in. He spoke to Official Xbox Magazine in the current issue out now and had this to say about some of the game's big features.

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1804d ago
Shubhendu_Singh1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

I still can't believe how gorgeous the game looks.

The battlefront graphics was spot-on with what they showed in their in-engine trailer footage.
So there is no doubt in my mind the game will look as colorful and beautiful as the trailer. (minus the dubstep hopefully. hehe)

edit: @jessionpc; did you even read my comment. I said in-engine footage, which is how the actual gameplay graphics will look like because of the absolute similar experience with starwars Battlefront.
And they just teased a MP footage too. (dunno if real time or in-engine)

jessionpc1804d ago

...There is no gameplay released of the game...

My fuggin gawd man lol

No wonder why these companies get away with this shit all the time.

Maddens Raiders1804d ago

I am really excited to see what's all in store for fans of BF. I love BF4 - I really Hope BF1 delivers and makes me love it just as much.

Zorkaz1804d ago

Can't wait for E3! Particularly interested in the melee, definitely gonna be great to have some better melee in a FPS ... especially after Battlefront's terrible melee system.

jessionpc1804d ago

Sorry to break it to you man, but there will never be good melee in a FPS, expect more instant kill back stab shovels.

KyRo1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

Dying light, condemned and Chivalry say hi.

Zorkaz1804d ago

Well we shall see ...
It's not impossible to have a good melee in FPS. Even something like in the first Mirrors Edge where if you get the timing just right you take him out would be better than it is so far. Anyone see what I'm referring to?

Hold_It1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )


Breakdown is one the best examples of a game to prove you wrong.

WellyUK1804d ago

@KyRo lets be honest they don't exactly have good melee combat. They just do it the best out of a bad bunch.

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Pullmywaffle1804d ago

Gonna guess the new feature is battlelog for consoles? I couldn't think of anything more brutal than that. Web browser bullshit+origin on PC sucks major ass.

NarooN1804d ago

I don't have a problem with Origin, but Battlelog with BF3 was sooo stupid. Who thought it was a good idea to force you to have to use an external web browser to join servers?!

Quisp1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

I loved the first COD WWII, which was PC only. I loved its simplicity. Im hoping with WWI theme, BF will be more like that. Fuck Gobblegum

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