Batman: Return To Arkham - 8 Ways It Proves Remasters Are Totally Ridiculous

WC - What happened to backwards compatibility anyway?

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xtheblackparade1804d ago

A remaster after 7 years since original release is way too soon for anyone to buy it, unless you haven't played the original ofcourse.

Yi-Long1804d ago

I would have liked playing these ganes again, but it seems they barely put any effort in and it's a lazy remaster, so I won't be bothering with them.

Also disappointed they didn't include Arkham Origins. I know it was by a different studio, but still...

Entonations1803d ago

These remasters seem more like glorified pc ports. It's fun to buy a new graphics card and ramp up settings in a game you already own, but it doesn't work as well like that on consoles.

mkis0071804d ago

For remasters done right , I prefer the remaster to bc...I can always buy the original if I want to play the original, but new HD resolution fps boosts, and graphics boosts can only be done in a remaster...on console. ( even pc games need fan made mods to look good 5 years later).

PersonMan1804d ago

I like remasters of games that I like because I want to play them on my PS4, not on my PS3. I barely use my PS3 now and I would rather keep using my PS4 (I prefer the DS4 anyway and I would rather shoot with the triggers).

I have an adapter for my PS3 to use my DS4 on it, but it doesn't swap the shoulder buttons for the triggers.

isarai1804d ago

So because one remaster is bad, that proves all remasters are "totally ridiculous" what about the FFXII remaster that just got announced? Even has added lighting and bump mapping.

Yi-Long1804d ago

... and finally Japanese voices included, which is why I'll be buying it. I never buy dubbed-only games so I skipped the original release.

Sunny_D1804d ago

This is a lazy cash in. Just like GOW3, not much was done to it.

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