7 Hotly-Anticipated 2016 Video Games That Will Disappoint You

WC - No Man's Sky is not what you think, and it never was.

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thorstein1804d ago

No Man's Sky is exactly what we think it is. It has been explained overtly as to ward off any misinformation as to what the game is. Making stuff up is a fabrication and an argumentative fallacy.

I know "It's an opinion." There is a difference between an opinion: "Oreos are the best cookies." And a lie: "Oreo's are meat."


1804d ago
pandehz1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Unless Oreos are meat in someones reality?

Opinion: Oreos are the best kind of lean meat.

Lie: Oreos are cookies.

Either way, in both worlds Oreos are the best.

jambola1803d ago

Why is it that even without clicking it, and before seeing the name, whatculture was the first thing that came to mind?
it's like iv'e had the misfortune of going to their site so many times I can just spot the crap from a mile away

s45gr321803d ago

So much skepticism for No Man's Sky

crysisfibre1803d ago

Just another negative article that has become the trend in the gaming world as of late and ruins games before they even start.

Zorkaz1803d ago

Look, however No Man's Sky turns out (we've seen so much gameplay the only thing left to see is whether some of us get bored of it), it'll still go down in the history books. But I respect you're opinion (though it is a tiny bit like thorstein said).
As for CoD:IW, well are hopes really aren't that high to start with. Also, you are right that just because BF1 has a great trailer, doesn't mean it will be ... well great. However if they do in fact pull it off it'll be awesome.

To be honest I thinkwe need articles like this guys. We paint things way too black and white nowadays, so we need some variation ...