WWE 2K17: 10 Desired Wrestlers Who Won't Be In The Game

WC - With the WWE video games of today incorporating a roster bigger than any of us could have dreamed of a few short years ago, it's hard to fathom that an in-demand Superstar might not make the cut.

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iliimaster1795d ago

i dont get this guy ive seen him on nxt dancing around like that other guy enzo running around m,aking facial expressions? thats the future of wwe? come on and on nxt it really sounds like the speakers are half of the audience noise m,y fast forward button is working over time these days in this nxt era

nowitzki20041795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Check out his work in Japan. AJ Styles and him had one of the greatest matches you can see. First time I seen him I was like WTF? Are you serious? then I was like OOOOOHHHHHHH!. Theres reasons why the say he is the future. Have you also seen his match with Zayn? After watching those 2 matches you will know.

Heres highlights from the AJ Styles match from Jan of this year... I reccommend you find the full match on google, its epic.

And hes got one of the best themes if not the best ever.

The guy I have been looking at is Ricochet (King Puma) The guy is unbelivable. Does a standing shooting star press.

iliimaster1794d ago

i did happen to see sammy zayn match but after seeing enzo do that same show off over the top reacting and acting its just too much for me i guess i dont like the direction in general wwe is going with more guys that kick and kicks to the head being main attacks shane was cool when he first came back but that dancing got real old for me like imagine when enzo wrestles that guy how animated will that match be

nowitzki20041794d ago

The difference is this guy has actual fighting experience. He has a record of 3-1 in MMA matches all his wins are by submission. He has some serious talent, just watch that AJ styles match its really incredible. Enzo is a horrible comparison to Nakamura.

iliimaster1794d ago

lol ohh i didint know he was actually in mma thats kinda cool ill check that out 3-1 in mma gets my respect

nowitzki20041794d ago

He got whooped by a Gracie, but they are believable MMA fighters and trained some of the best. Just watch when someone does a clothesline on him how he spins it into an armbar, hes got so many moves and the knee kicks to the head in the AJ Styles match literally send AJ flying, they connect so good in the ring together. Its going to be a huge disappointment if WWE doesnt do something with those 2 guys. He shouldve gone to the main roster right away like AJ did.

nowitzki20041795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Thats all right, Im getting it for PC so mods will add everything. Can get him for 2k16 right now. Doubt 2k will keep him out though.