15 Hugely Anticipated Video Games That Must Be At E3 2016

WC - Come on Sony, we know it's real, just show off Spidey already.

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1796d ago
Darkborn1796d ago

If this was real, I would want it to be an original story, not a movie game. Make it a side story along the movies or something. Just not the same thing as the movie. I would love it to be more along the lines of Infamous, especially if Sucker Punch is involved in this.

Germany71796d ago

On the sequel, it will be an epic game with Cole MacGrath vs Spiderman.

Kallisti1796d ago

I'd rather see Cole Macgrath vs Venom and Carnage

Porcelain_Chicken1796d ago

Doesn't InFAMOUS have a comic line with DC comics?! Would that get in the way of a cross-over? Not I would ever really want one to be completely honest. Both great characters in their own right.

Darkfist1796d ago

Side optional missions with cole making an appearance would be great.

Kallisti1796d ago

This list really didn't need to be on 15 separate pages but brownie points for saying Red Dead 3 instead of Red Dead Redemption 2. Personally I'm hoping we see Tekken 7 at E3 with a console release date and hopefully a teaser, trailer and/or possibly gameplay of a new God of War game.for the PS4. God of War III's graphics looked insane on the PS3, imagine what Sony: Santa Monica could achieve on the PS4