Eloquent Plea For Free Overwatch Rejected By Blizzard In The Best Way

Kotaku - Reader Kyle really, really wants to play Overwatch, but he hasn’t been able to buy it. Hoping to earn a copy—using wit alone—he wrote to Blizzard about his valiant efforts to convince his wife he needs it.

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VTKC1804d ago

You had to ask your wife about getting a game? I bet she didnt ask for your permission when she bought that dress or that handbag or those "N"th pair of shoes. Seriously something wrong here if you have to run such mundane thing past your wife. Its like you are 4 and shes your mom.

Erik73571803d ago

This was all a joke lol.....

Like the letter was sarcastic and made up and blizzard went along with the joke after reading replying another funny message to him playing his game.

GezForce1804d ago

Kyle needs to grow a pair of balls and put his wife in her place. We are becoming a gender of limp wristed pussies.
Harden the f**k up and buy yourself a copy of the game geez

FullmetalRoyale1804d ago

I never considered myself an alpha male, but if this is what a beta male is, I guess I am an alpha. Pretty weird to type that to be honest. But my lady is also an alpha, so I guess it's just all about mutual respect, and balance.

PlatinumGX1804d ago

What can you expect from a Kotaku reader.

jiggyteddy1804d ago

Another fine example of gaming journalism.

viperman2401804d ago

What kind of relationship could this be that the husband has to ask his wife permission to buy a game???

Let alone the husband standing on top of a table and yelling to said wife, this is a very weird marriage. His transcript of their conversation sounds so Immature.

What do I know, you guys can decide whats going on here.

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