Nintendo NX Has Been Quite The Mystery – Trine 3 Developer

Nintendo, you guys seem to be missing the point...

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DigitalRaptor1800d ago

I want this to be a success I really do, but Nintendo are not doing themselves any favours in terms of third-party.

If NX is not a success, I don't want to see where Nintendo ends up. It's saddening:

gameseveryday1799d ago

It really has plummeted with Wii U. Hopefully they will be back with a bang with NX.

wonderfulmonkeyman1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

To be fair, that chart also applies to Sony since the PS2, and I still stuck with them as well as Nintendo, plus they've both obviously kept making enough profits to continue on doing what they want, so I'm sure they'll both be fine even if the sales charts are [yet again] proclaiming doom for one aspect or another.

I don't think the sales matter as much as people like to pretend, at least to the consumer at large; if Nintendo puts out a great machine and loads its launch up with enough AAA exclusives that will make older gamers happy, then no one's gonna give a damn about how the systems before it sold, and they'll do just fine.[and by that, I do not mean the next iteration of the New Super Mario series or stuff like Nintendo Land. It can't be just any old AAA; the right games matter more than just slapping in whatever they can.]

As for third parties, all they have to do to succeed on NX, is steer clear of old ports and never skip on assuring content parity.
If they can accomplish that much, they should be able to sell at least to expectations, but if they really want to sell to the Nintendo audience, then they'll need to push for collaborative titles and special NX-exclusive content.

The right games at the right price from both first and third parties, will be what it needs to gain a foot-hold.

If it starts out like the Wii U did, with last-gen ports from third parties and no must-have AAA titles to make up for it from Nintendo's end, then it won't go over well.