The success of Uncharted 4's ending

This long hyped end of the road for Nate isn't what a lot of people expected

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TwoForce1801d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

People thought that Nathan Drake would die at the end. People thought Sam would backstab Nate. People thought Elena would die in middle of the game and so on. But i'm glad it didn't happen because that make the game wouldn't feel like Uncharted at all in my opinion. And also, if Nate died at the end of the game, then I would blame ND for slap the fan in the face. But ND have some scenes for their fan. Here the reviews from my favorite youtuber :

Aloy-Boyfriend1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

The people I see saying they didn't like the ending have stated nothing on what they would have liked to see.

Some expected Sam to betray nate; Didn't happen
Some expected Nate to die: Didn't happen
Elena was gonna sacrifice herself for nate in the end; didn't happen
Sully was gonna die; didn't happen

Their predictions were wrong and that might be reason they didn't like it, but if they have made a predictable ending or story it would have been bad as well.

There's also the shenanigans ND pulls with their trailers in order to avoid spoilers... Not sure why someone would fall for it now

Nate ends up living a happy life with the love of his life, and also gets to enjoy his Explorer career in a legal way now. These two things would clash with each other on him in his past adventures, and now he got a solution to keep both.

What is not to like about this ending?

WellyUK1800d ago

there is 0 impact it's too clean to have any emotional impact what so ever.

It's not a terrible ending but it's supposed to be a big story for the last uncharted game and it's just a bit lifeless, the parts with Elena and Drake are good but everything else just falls flat for me. Another issue is the general location/adventure just doesn't scream finale to me, something bigger would of been better (Atlantis maybe)

People seem to think that this means the game is bad. It isn't, it's very good but story wise the game is really poor in my opinion. I loved it but I ended up feeling disappointed.

TwoForce1800d ago

@WellyUK You don't get it, do you ? This is Uncharted, not ME or walking dead type.

WellyUK1800d ago

none of that had to happen but the ending has 0 impact. It's too fairy tale for me. Therefore I was disappointed by the game as the entire story was pretty pointless and only adds that Drake has a brother and the bit right at the end, other than that the story is really poor and doesn't grab you emotionally to have any impact.

Great game, poor story.

Deadpooled1800d ago

Another thing I loved about playing through the campaign was the death scenes and imagery, especially with some of the puzzles. Anyone tried to deliberately mess up that puzzle in Scotland the one with the spikes?

Skankinruby1800d ago

This franchise was never supposed to be dramatic, killing off a main character would be ridiculous. They added just enough passion to the characters to make it an excellent story and not just a generic adventure like the first three. This game was absolutely perfect, in every way.

FullmetalRoyale1800d ago

I found the epilogue very emotionally satisfying as a player, and someone who loves a lot of these characters. The album in the beginning got me emotional(straight up), and how it was book-ended with a similar emotional punch just left me feeling so content. So content that I don't want another one. Love how part of it tied into Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. Very satisfying.

MatrixxGT1800d ago

I felt same way. There is so much in the details that you miss if you skip over them.

Kurdishcurse1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Meh...found the ending boring, someone deserved to die. "But its not mass effect or walking dead"...uhuuh...i guess the UN policy violations and massive genocide these 4 dicks instigated were like a breeze on a friday aye? They should atleast be creative in that aspect, since naughty dog are creative and all...which i find to be a false statement. Eitherway this game has nothing on last of us, both in creativity or the ending. Last of us is the only modern naughty dog game thats actually good anyway.

Cue the emotional/illogical naughty dog fans that downvote legit criticism in 3..2..1