Sony Should Expand to the PC

Sony has been dedicated to continuing to roll out and expanding their range of services, and we can only hope that they choose to look towards the PC space next

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Thatguy-3101805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

Sony has a strong presence in console gaming so no they don't need to venture on to pc. It's services might but their exclusives no way. They understand the importance of a console

freshslicepizza1805d ago

they also know how to cater to its most die hard fans who all of the sudden would feel less unique. some are already upset about the possibility of a new more powerful ps4, so just imagine if those ps4 exclusives went to an even more powerful platform like the pc.

what is really strange is how they are treating playstation now. why isn't that service coming to the pc, it's not like its a ps4 selling feature so why not expand and make more money? sony already dabbled and failed on mobile but this could be a profitable business.

DragonDDark1805d ago

As soon as I saw your username. Your argument became invalid to me.

Aenea1805d ago

PS Now on PC? Yeah, why not, but I think they are focused more to get it rolled out to the whole world first before they are adding more platforms, which totally makes sense to me...

As for your other cheap blow, well, really now, Sony has no obligations to PC gamers, they want to play recent PS exclusives? They can buy a recent PS console, for Sony it's where the money is. You Xbox fanboys always defend MS going to PC by claiming Windows is just another MS platform, so if that is the case MS earns more by going PC as well by that idea alone, Sony wouldn't in that case, they would only get the software and services sale but not the hardware making them lose money.

ShadowKnight1805d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

@moldybread they don't need the mobile business. Their movie business is actually doing very well. James Bond and Spiderman alone makes them enough profit. And their music business is doing well lol

Kaneki-Ken1805d ago

PlayStation is striking back with Mobile. They made a studio recently for them to use PlayStation Ip to make Mobile games exclusively. Doesn't mean sequel rather use Remake, Port, Spin Off

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Trez12341805d ago

Failed on mobile? The xperia brand does just fine. Obviously they're not doing iPhone, Samsung or HTC numbers but they're doing fine and make some quality phones too.

freshslicepizza1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

"Their movie business is actually doing very well. James Bond and Spiderman alone makes them enough profit."

motion pictures dropped by 34%

as for my comment about mobile i was talking about them pulling out of android and playstation mobile support.

"What does feeling unique have to do with anything? No, seriously. I've seen you and possibly a few other say this a couple of times, but what does it even mean? And what bearing does it have on anything?"

some people think that exclusives going elsewhere such as the pc would make the console less unique.

"How would like or dislike of a "new more powerful PS4" play into that? And quantify this "some" you speak of. Is it a tiny, insignificant handful of people? Are they even all PS fans(since quite a few Xbox fans seem to be against a supposed Neo, too). Can you even be bothered to understand why anyone's against it at all, or did you just make up your own reasons?"

oh, so all ps4 fans are supportive of ps4 neo? well that's good.

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joeorc1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )


My post above shows exactly why..because you know exactly why, because it would make for an argument to not buy a playstation!

If playstation Now was also on PC the media would pose the Question why would you than need to buy a Playstation ?

I'm sure the media would and many such as yourself would move to the argument of , well with playstation now I can now play Uncharted and other 1st party Games that were

[Exclusive] to a playstation console, now there is Less of a reason to buy one. When I can just wait until the games hit playstation now on PC.

So with Xbox & PC I can now just rent playstation Now and do not have to buy a Playstation at all.

That's exactly what Sony would want to see and hear on gamer forums and news sites making the case for not buying a Playstation console!

Yes very smart business move alright..but. Sony would make so much more money right?


[so again why would they not add this service to the pc? they already have deals with some tv makers as a streaming app built in. ]

Again as I pointed out to you and others, why would Sony again need the PC? If they were going to since the main Graphics Api on smart TV's is Vulkan moving Forward, and the main Operating system moving forward in smartTV's is again AndroidOS..

Why would Sony start back investment into PC's when Sony divested themselves of PC market investment's?

PC operating system Eco systems are not in the driver seat for computer entertainment in the Living room, its currently AndroidOS, and iOS. So again why worry about PC, Microsoft has that market pretty much on lock.

While Sony has invested into AndroidOS not Windows OS.

[getting the service out there seems like a no-brainer and the pc is a perfect complimentary device to streaming games. playstation now does not offer ps4 games, so why would this impact ps4 sales?]

Again PC is not the main platform for computer entertainment in the living room at this pointpoint it is Consoles and AndroidOS, an iOS.

If they did go with PC , platform most likelihood be SteamOS first before Windows 10 OS if at all because with steam OS uses Vulkan as its default Graphics Api not DirectX.

So porting to a another platform that Also use Vulkan vs having to pay for Usage of DirectX , while Vulkan is free?

Sony dumped Window PC based OS support software and hardware..even xperia smartphone's use the AndroidOS no windows OS based smartphone's from Sony mobile.

If any thing Sony is investing more into AndroidOS.

Why return to a divested platform that Sony has just gotten rid of?

freshslicepizza1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )


playstation now is not a selling feature for the ps4, it offers older generation titles. kind of the netflix of videogames. also add to the equasion that sony has never publicly released membership numbers says to me its not doing very well. so again why would they not add this service to the pc? they already have deals with some tv makers as a streaming app built in.

getting the service out there seems like a no-brainer and the pc is a perfect complimentary device to streaming games. playstation now does not offer ps4 games, so why would this impact ps4 sales?

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jstark1805d ago

"importance of a console"
is that why sony is making the neo?

Trez12341805d ago

And neo isn't a console?

jstark1805d ago

@Trez1234 but isnt one of the important things of a console is not having to upgrade every few years?

DragonDDark1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

What rule is that? @jstark

UltraNova1804d ago

"but isnt one of the important things of a console is not having to upgrade every few years?"

Just as its even more important for consoles to keep their exclusives, you know exclusives!

Try harder.

kraenk121804d ago

It's actually a great feature to be able to one needs to do it like you said.

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crazychris41241805d ago

PS Now and better DS4 support would be great.

Agent-861804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

Congratulations on actually reading the article and not just responding to the title. I see all these replies in the comments are a reaction to the title and it is so obvious few people actually read the article. The author is not talking about putting Sony exclusives on the PC! He is making the point that Playstation Vue (the TV service) and Playstation Now (the game streaming service) should be made available on the PC. Most of his article is on Vue, though, and he makes some good points on the lack of devices that it is on (currently limited to Sony consoles, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, and iOS devices). Opening Vue and PS Now to the PC would facilitate a higher adoption rate for both services.

He also points out that Sony should also make drivers for the DS4 so that they work better on PC's. MS does with their Xbox controllers; Sony should, too. The DS4 is a damn fine controller and Sony could sell many more if they had proper driver support. Please people: READ THE ARTICLE. Don't just respond to titles.

UltraNova1804d ago

To be fair, MS supports their console controller on their own surprises there right? Sony on the other hand will have to pay royalties to MS to do that, I presume, so that's one possible reason why Sony doesn't bother.

That said there are plenty of user created emulators out there that support all Sony controller by mimicking the xbox one layout.

Volkama1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

@Ultranova Windows is an open platform, Sony could publish whatever drivers and software they want for the DS4. They would have to pay a pittance to Microsoft if they wanted WHQL certification or something, but that's optional.

kraenk121804d ago

DS4 is widely supported these days without a special driver. If the game doesn't support it natively there's always InputMapped. Piece of cake.

joeorc1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

The reason is very simple for not doing do know its not just a contest of console vs console its a contest of Eco system vs Eco system.

What you are asking for Sony to do is step aside with their plans and help Microsoft's Eco system over their own!

What company wants to do that when they are in the lead?

Example :
In the news cycle would be

This as a Question posed on gamer media and news sites talking about technology.

" there a reason to buy a Playstation? " Now?

With Sony now putting Playstation Now on PC , I can now play Uncharted without buying a Playstation. On my Windows than of course since its a windows 10 device Sony should aldo put Playstation Now on Xbox platforms.

How does that make the case for Sony staying the main computer entertainment platform for the living room? It does not..

Now you can use the key points of Marketing against Sony on what made A reason to even buy a Playstation to be more now, I can just rent playstation games I want to play on PC. With PC I can now play those Playstation games with out having to buy a Playstation. Now on PC you can play the best games now With Playstation Now available.

Than Sony why not make playstation now available on the Xbox one?

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Deadpooled1804d ago

Use InputMapper or other software supporting DS4 use for PC games.

DigitalRaptor1805d ago

Because..... follow the... non-leader?

Don't think it's even close to consideration other than features such as Cross-play and Remote Play.

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