Does Crash Bandicoot Stand a Chance in Today’s World?

Is there still a place for the 1996 mascot on current gen consoles?

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naruga1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

ofcousre can stand, easily and even create a new fans depends what studio will develop the game. While many say for ND i disagree. ND lost all its original staff and has specialized in other type of games..though many other studios could bring him back correctly (imo Japan Studios), even could use original creators (Gavin etc) as advisors ...but one thing is undisputed to be a quality game again --> must be bought back by Sony and be treated as 1st party game or mascot....any multiplatform try by Activision will be futile and by default failed

Bansai1800d ago

Maybe it can, maybe it can't, depends on the quality of the product.

freshslicepizza1800d ago

sometimes nostalgia can get the best of us. not sure if that type of game is still just as fun today. all i remember was smashing crates

thekhurg1800d ago

It won't work in today's market in the sense that it'll be a huge seller. It'll be on the level of something like Knack for sales purposes - regardless of how well the game is reviewed.

Trez12341800d ago

Thekhurg you will be suprised.. knack sold really well and there was even talk of a sequel.

Some higher profile games this gen struggle to sell a million but knack sold over 1.5m.

UltraNova1799d ago

It depends on quality yes, but they need to modernize all its mechanics and add even more. Plus linearity has to go and be replaced with smart 3D level design. Crash has a big chance to succeed in the hands of talented dev that can appreciate this IP.

UltimateMaster1799d ago

It's a different world. Kids these days plays FPS rather than platformers.
The first PS1 audience would appreciate.

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Timesplitter141800d ago

It has "meh" chances. It would have to change a bit

notachance1799d ago

Wow wth, everyone suddenly friggin forgot about one similar game, Ratchet and Clank which ONLY RECENTLY released, is a huge success, having high metascore and breaking its own record, proving with concrete evidence the genre still has a big market.

lol, look at the username of 'concerned' people, most of them are XB fanboys. Well thanks for your 'concern' but don't worry dudebro... the market is there, now it's up to Sony whether they make it a great game or no.

kraenk121798d ago

R&c gameplay is very different to the basic Crash gameplay though.

Kaneki-Ken1800d ago

Yes, It can stand. I am not trying to be mean but Crash Bandicoot doesn't need this NaughtyDog anymore since they moved on with a new crew who make more realistic and serious stories now rather it need Jason and original crews to make it to keep its original state so either PlayStation make a new studio just for Crash Bandicoot or make a third team/ sister studio of NaughtyDog.

sammarshall1021800d ago

It would need some new gameplay mechanics other than the spin attack and jumping on crates

Gaming_Cousin1800d ago

Getting advice from a pure Xbox fanboy like you is like asking an oil company in what ways we should transition to alternate source of energy.

sammarshall1021800d ago

Lol did my opinion raise your blood pressure? Lol

Gaming_Cousin1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Yeah it did. I had a blood pressure monitor next to me while I read your comment

kraenk121798d ago

He's terrible usually but in that case he's spot on.

princejb1341800d ago

I agree. I just don't see crash bandicoot making a impact in today's market with just a spin. I'll get boring fast

Aloy-Boyfriend1800d ago

But Mario can stick to the same gameplay?

I think Crash will do well. Yes, it also needs new stuff, but the core gameplay shouldn't change

Tsar4ever011800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Only If the originators, Naughty Dog is developing it. Anybody else doing it is a waste of time. This game been past to 7 different developer studios after Naughty Dog and the series just got weaker and weaker, sales got worse and worst until nobody wanted to be bothered with it, which is pretty much why the franchise died in the first place. If it's not ND, Don't even bother. Only ND can revive the Crash Bandicoot franchise.

Kallisti1800d ago

Problem with that is the actual creators of Crash Bandicoot, Andy Gavin and Jason Rubin have left Naughty Dog. The last ND Crash Bandicoot was released in 1999. How many of the original team that made the ND Crash Bandicoot games do you think are left at the studio anyway?

Tsar4ever011800d ago

Beats me, All I'm saying is I don't trust the Crash franchise with anybody else but Naughty Dog.

CanadianTurtle1800d ago

I wouldn't say that. There's many developers out there capable of handling this franchise. The main problem was that the franchise was passed on to half-ass developers (and were giving very rushed development schedules). Developers like Ready at Dawn (Daxter PSP), Sanzaru Games (Sly4), etc. have shown that they can handle Sony platformers. It doesn't have to be Naughty Dog developing it.

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