Can Romance Be Portrayed Well In Games?

Editors Jeff Cork and Kimberley Wallace discuss video game romances, warts and all.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles1799d ago

Are you kidding, it's the best way. Don't you guys remember Final Fantasy games?

What kind of question is that? Can romance be portrayed well in games?

stalepie1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

I think they need to come up with new control schemes if they want to make it interactive. You would have to be able to control your eyes and face and head, and voice inflection and timing, but the controls in many games are geared for fight or flight gameplay, or "puzzle-solving" (pushing crates). Intimacy would probably work better with touch screens at least.

They don't mention visual novels, but there's been romantic VNs for a long time now. Probably text adventures before that. ?

Chaos_Order1799d ago

If romance can be portrayed well through a series of static pictures and speech bubbles then yes, it can absolutely be portrayed well in games.