Rodea the Sky Soldier gets big discount on 3DS and Wii U

Rodea the Sky Soldier has been discounted to $16.92 on 3DS and $21.98 on Wii U.

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1800d ago
Segata1800d ago

Wii U & 3DS versions suck. Wii version is pretty decent. Don't get it unless you can get a copy with the Wii disc.

Ilovetheps51800d ago

I'm just curious. What's so bad about the wii u version? I was considering buying that version.

Segata1800d ago

The visuals go from colorful to a dull brown and the game play is changed. They also changed how it controls and this is not a game you can control well with analog. This was game made just for Wii remote. The publisher made changes without Propes knowledge.

Ilovetheps51799d ago

Oh okay. Thanks for letting me know. Yeah I'll be avoiding it then.