Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Won’t Use A New Engine, But Will Feature Improvements

Ten years and counting, and we still are on that ancient engine...

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Walter_Official1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

Holy shit activision.

You get paid out the ass for your annual releases and still cant repay your customers by upgrading 10 year old tech.

Edit: They talk about reworking animations, AI, and Physics even though (personally) they have looked and felt the same since back before ghosts. Also he talks about the improvements in Physically Based Rendering(Rewatch this to get a reminder and shadows yet nothing is noticeably different.

thekhurg1801d ago

Bethesda has been doing this since morrowind and people don't cry foul at each of their sloppy releases. Why should Activision be singled out for this practice?

Walter_Official1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

I agreed with you but there is a difference.

The team behind Elder Scrolls and Fallout are much smaller and their games a much more ambitious so i will take the downgraded graphics if it means something different. (IMO)

Edit: @thekhurg Cd Projekt Red is three times their studio's size. Read before you type

thekhurg1801d ago

Bethesda is around 100 people. That's plenty large enough for a new engine. CD Projekt Red did way more with less.

Bethesda's laziness it's just that.

garrettbobbyferguson1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )


NO, there is no difference. Bethesda makes absolute bank when they release their buggy POS games. And small is relative. 100 people is small compared to the insane number of people working on a single Ubisoft game. Meanwhile it's larger than other studios putting out projects that aren't buggy.

badz1491800d ago


Seriously, just stop with the double standards and favoritism! Bethesda is the worst in this regard compared to any other devs out there at the moment! Doesn't matter how ambitious their games are, outdated engine is oudated and what makes it even worse, the can't optimize their outdated engine for new hardwares! (or maybe they just don't care that much to begin with!) And people had the guts to say the graphics for FO4 is fine when it's clearly last gen material at best!

I swear to god, Bethesda's and Blizzard's fanatics are the worst on here!

Vegamyster1800d ago

"Bethesda has been doing this since morrowind and people don't cry foul at each of their sloppy releases"

Yes they do, plenty of people have complained that the engine is outdated and doesn't run as good as it should.

Sirk7x1800d ago

Honestly, one of the biggest gripes I had with Fallout 4 was their ancient engine lol. Bethesda is comprised of great artists, but they're not the greatest programmers.

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bmf73641801d ago

id Tech 3 is the engine name you're looking at. Activision claims that there have been so many internal modifications to the original SDK of the engine that they can brand it as their own internal CoD-Engine, but the source-code is still there. Meaning that yes, Call of Duty has been running on the same exact obsolete game-engine for over 12 years.

DafunkyRebel1801d ago

The heck you talking about, the engine completely changed since Advance Warfare, get your blind cod hate and bs out of here.

Sciurus_vulgaris1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

This game engine dates back to Call of Duty 2 (2005), it's over 10 years old. The COD engine is also a modified Quake 3 engine (id tech 3) which date back to 1999. With all the money COD makes, Activision should be investing in new tech.

Shubhendu_Singh1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Seriously, in CODIW trailer they showed a car exploding in slow-mo like its graphics was supposed to impress us, but my god - graphically that game looks so bad especially when you think COD is one of the most successful franchise of modern gaming selling +15M on every game.

They have made close to 12 games on that same freakin engine. wtf

Sciurus_vulgaris1801d ago

I played black ops 3 on Xbox one and the game frequently looked just like black ops 2 with touched up lighting and textures. Some of the textures were very dated and animations in mp look exactly the same as they did in MW1. The game simply isn't as impressive as other shooters I own on consoles Halo 5 (xb1), battlefield 4(xb1), Killzone shadow fall (PS4) and Doom (PS4).

Paytaa1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

With the amount of money the Call of Duty franchise has raked in over the years, you would think it would be leading in technical innovation and groundbreaking advancements to the FPS genre. Instead, we get this sorry excuse for a game.

I used to LOVE Call of Duty back in the day, but now I want to see it fail more than anything.

I don't think it's ever talked about enough about the severe negative effects CoD had industry-wide on games on the later half of last gen. Literally every single big game had some Call of Duty element shoehorned in for no reason.

It's been holding gaming back for years now and has had a hold on the FPS genre which is a personal favorite genre of mine when done right. It just doesn't deserve to be top dog anymore when other way better games exist within it's own genre.

Kind of hoping Titanfall 2 takes off since Call of Duty is currently hurting and pressure from BF1 isn't helping. Titanfall 1 aside from lack of content was a really fun game. Enjoyed a lot like I did when I first got into MW2's gameplay. Good thing it's on PS4 now too.

garrettbobbyferguson1800d ago

Yes they should. Unfortunately they along with several other publishers know that they can get away with it.

annoyedgamer1802d ago

And sheep will still buy it.

Walter_Official1802d ago

They will flock and they will buy.

Gaming_Cousin1801d ago

People hear the word Call of Duty and go excited. You can have an exclusive release of Call of Duty on the old Gameboys and some people would still buy it, because CALL OF DUTY! CALL OF DUUUUUUTYYYY ITS CALL OF DUTY!

2pacalypsenow1801d ago

No matter how much you dislike COD people that like a game doesn't make them sheep, I could say the same thing about you and your favorite franchise. I dislike COD as much as next person but if people enjoy it, let em

annoyedgamer1801d ago

I want the remaster, sold separately. I LIKE cod, just not the new garbage. I refuse to buy any of the new releases.

DafunkyRebel1801d ago

BF sheeps will do the same with BF1 and they will be utterly disappointed with the MP when they realize how crappy the guns are man

garrettbobbyferguson1800d ago

This. The sheep are eating up the trash that Activision and EA are constantly putting out.

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Adexus1802d ago

I'm pretty sure they say this every year.

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NarooN1801d ago

CoD Ghosts introduced REAL-TIME ENVIRONMENTAL DESTRUCTION to the series, aren't you grateful??!! Nevermind the fact that said "destruction" was actually just canned animations that played out the same way every time so as to have next to no actual impact on performance, and didn't actually really affect the maps in any significant capacity, therefore having zero tactical merit or any reason to exist whatsoever!

MRBIGCAT1801d ago

Haha the franchise everyone loves to hate. I suspect they are working on new tech but are hesitant to roll it out until its perfect. They don't want to run the risk of releasing a buggy Battlefield quality game.....

spicelicka1801d ago this comment. Maybe they should just wait another 50 years to make it totally perfect, all good.

NarooN1801d ago

"We've got this awesome new engine that will blow you all away, but we won't show it or roll it out until it's ready."

"Okay when will it be ready?"

"Next year, just you wait, we promise."

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