Top Ten Kirby Games

Phil writes, "Kirby: Planet Robobot releases in the Americas exactly one week from today. SuperPhillip Central will no doubt be covering that, but until then, Kirby fans, why don't I satiate your appetite for Kirby with a list portraying the best to come out of HAL Laboratory and other developers? These ten Kirby titles are the best that feature Nintendo's determined and persevering pink puffball. After you've read my list and seen my arguments, feel free to let the community know your favorite Kirby games!"

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PixelGateUk1797d ago

still need to pick up epic yarn

RosweeSon1797d ago

Just finished recently and it's one of my favourites in recent years, this new 3DS one is awesome also, not due out til Friday yet mine turned up yesterday (Saturday-6 days early!!) sweet.

Alexious1796d ago

Agreed, I've played it a bit with the 3DS of a friend (I don't have one).

RosweeSon1797d ago

Nightmare in Dreamland GBA not even mentioned... Get out!, one of my favourite games in the series.

Phil321797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Hi RosweeSon. I mentioned Nightmare in Dream Land in the Kirby's Adventure entry since it's a remake.

RosweeSon1797d ago

Fair play was what got me into the Kirby so maybe I'm biased but that game was awesome ;) great series