Media Molecule’s PS4 Exclusive Dreams’ New Screenshot Shows an Adorable Mascot

One of the most interesting applications of Media Molecule’s upcoming PS4 game and creative suite Dreams is certainly the ability to create lots of different characters and mascots. That’s exactly what you can see in the new screenshot.

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naruga1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

this is the Playstation Access badger mascot i think

Xavior_Reigns1797d ago

Rob can not be happy about this, considering his last friday feature.

UltimateMaster1797d ago

I have no interest for Media Molecule games. I think they should be 2nd party and Insomniac to be 1st party, imo.

mac_sparrow1797d ago

I agree, it is indeed Delsin Rodent

Fist4achin1797d ago

@ultimatemaster I'm so glad you shared that with us. Thank you

Gaming_Cousin1798d ago

I wonder what content I can make while stoned or tripping

Concertoine1798d ago

Im going to make raw nightmare fuel.

opinionated1798d ago

Probably nothing. You will stare at the main menu screen and when you snap awake it will be 4 hours later. I'm sure the idea will be pretty awesome in your head tho.

GribbleGrunger1798d ago

Whatever you make stoned will be the best thing you've ever made ... until you're straight again.

opinionated1798d ago

Honey badgers are not to be adored, they are to be feared.

nevin11798d ago

Care to share your experience(s)?

Ingram1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

lol, experience? beasts are beasts, people think animals are some sort of "humanoids" trapped inside animals like in disney crap, people tend to believe animals are immaculate souls devoid of any cruelty or incapable of brutality. They are not like that, they are individuals. Furthermore, people tend to think body language is compatible -which is highly dangerous- so they misinterpret it and the next thing you know a scared or pissed off chimpanzee ate somebody's face, or a bear is mauling you, or an owl is picking your eyes out, or a mongoose stole your finger, or a stingray broke through you chest, or a dog brutalized a kid to death, or an elephant stepped on some lady; Animals are to be respected, they're not cutie fluffy toys and we could make a great service to both human and animals learning that we are different and how and not humanizing, being anthropocentric and going by pixar level obliviousness and ignorance.

ajax171798d ago

he's referring to Far Cry 4, m8

opinionated1798d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

I just watched a documentary on Netflix lol. Vicious little shits they are. They give no fucks.

[email protected] below

jessionpc1797d ago

@Ingram Humanoids trapped inside animals?... What?... You on drugs m8?

First, don't talk about souls. That's just retarded. The entire concept of souls is fantasy nonsense, no proof = don't debate. If in the end it turns out being true? Rejoice. But saying an animal does or doesn't have a soul as a point to argue dissociation with other animals is just ridiculous.

Second, we're ALL animals! "No, really, we ARE. We are just a different species, a different point of view, and in our eyes?... More evolved, "Although looking at how we destroy everything we touch like a cancer, I'd make a reasonable argument over that... More intelligent yea, we have the ability to learn/store/adapt unlike any other animal on earth, but it doesn't save us from nuking our country sides, or destroying nature, "you know, the thing we need to survive?" Once we destroy our world someday, our future offspring can mull over if we're better or not.

three = body language is compatible... Jesus man... Have you ever been around another animal in your life? The PROBLEM is human being's are incredibly curious creatures. WE think another species body language is like OURS, when it's not. If we were more educated, we wouldn't have to worry about body language.

And you bring up a couple famous incidents. Nice, wanna know how many times women get raped because they couldn't understand a MANS body language? Wanna know how many innocent people get stabbed by muggers, when they thought it was a joke?... Who dropped two bombs on Japan, murdering millions of people alone?... Too bad THEY didn't understand a certain lunatic country's, "body language." Or screw that, just evolved language.

Get real.

The only point you make well is that people should respect other animals, because even though they are MUCH like us, they also live in a very different world where hunger/survival aren't delivered by a guy in a car for 26.50, and even though you can speak English, they can't.

BTW, I respect animals. I respect their territory, I respect their way of thinking, I respect how they live. That's why I'm still alive, and jimmy playing in the woods getting eaten by a couger isn't. But I also know we as animals are also capable of learning. There is a reason why wild animals occasionally show mercy, a reason why animals forgive. There is a reason why a wildcat fears an angry parent, plays with their siblings, hides when they are afraid, stop eating and die by a parents side when they pass away.

They are much more like us than you think, you just have to be smart enough to understand how.

kraenk121797d ago

You clearly haven't played Far Cry 3!

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Germany71797d ago

They are adorable and really friendly, you can approach if you see one, go on.

Germany71797d ago

Can't wait to play amazing 3D platformers with this game.

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