Taking Their Time: Nintendo’s Curious Approach to E3

For the past several years Nintendo has had an ‘on again, off again’ relationship with E3, the annual gaming convention held in Los Angeles. This year is no different.

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freshslicepizza1798d ago

seems weird to devote e3 to just zelda, a game that has been delayed many times and isn't supposed to come out now until 2017. what's even weirder is its coming when the nx is also coming but nintendo doesn't want to show the nx, or confirm zelda will be on the nx.

yet nintendo fans wonder why nintendo gets called out so often.

Zeldafan641798d ago

Nintendo is showing more than Zelda and they already confirmed Zelda for the NX. Given your comment history I'm sure you already knew this but you just want to spread misinformation. It's pathetic what some of you on this site do.

freshslicepizza1798d ago

can you show me nintendo confrming zelda coming to nx? thanks in advance. everything else i said was true

Stealth20k1798d ago

Do you get off on spreading misinformation?

freshslicepizza1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

what misinformation? is nintendo showing more than just zelda on the wii u, what other wii u games are they going to show? its not just me but other articles have also said that is all they are showing. is nintendo going to discuss the nx? wasn't zelda delayed many times? show me where nintendo confirms zelda is coming to the nx?

3-4-51798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

@ Moldybread


* From official source =

* Took me less than 3 minutes to find these.

If you wanted to find the truth you would have.....

Monster_Tard1798d ago

Yeah many articles claimed that Zelda would be the only game that they would have there, but it wasn't true.

freshslicepizza1798d ago

cool, thanks. i now admit i was wrong. now we will have to see if the nx actually does come out march 2017.

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hduce1798d ago

Nintendo has already confirmed it is coming to the NX. What rock have you been living under?

Stealth20k1798d ago

I have been in pretty constant contact with the treehouse folks and we are in for a great show with some surprises.

superchiller1798d ago

Don't shill your silly Twitter account here, no one cares about it.

hduce1798d ago

Surprise, surprise! Our boy chiller is in a Nintendo article. The only thing missing is his girlfriend edmix writing a long winded rambling essay in the comment section.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1797d ago

yet you happen to appear here

Stealth20k1797d ago

I do not think anyone cares about you. That is the difference.

brewin1798d ago

i just cant wait to finally see what Zelda is all about. I think they may finally switch to voice acting, except for Link. Im hoping theyve gone all out and create the best possible game here. We've been waiting far too long for this game. Thankfully the witcher 3 has scratched my zelda itch quite nicely.

Zeldafan641798d ago

So long as they give the option to turn voice acting off I'm completely fine with it.

1797d ago