Titanfall 2 Will ‘Steal The Show’, Game Will Be ‘Huge’ – Respawn

Someone sounds confident.

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Majin-vegeta1795d ago

Lets hope they take out the retarded A.I.if people wanna play by themselves give them an offline option and bots,

Pandamobile1795d ago

You don't seem to understand the point of the NPCs. They're an integral part to the pacing of the game.

Vegamyster1795d ago

I would have rather seen the NPC's act like minions in Moba's - Start at one point and slowly push towards objectives- instead of just being there to farm for some quick points/get your Titan quicker.

Pandamobile1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Having them spread out helps keep things balanced. Each team needs equal access to the NPCs to feed to the titan meat grinders.

Rude-ro1795d ago

How? They added nothing to the game. Just things to shoot to make it look like you were not playing on small teams? Pointless.

Vegamyster1795d ago

They should come up something more interesting then mindless NPC's to keep in balanced.

Pandamobile1795d ago

Because when you spawn in Titan Fall, you've got a pretty good distance to cover most of the time. Having minions skirmishing around you adds visual interest and allows players to get creative in the ways they they kill them.

Once you get good at the game, they're not going to pose any threat to you, they simply serve as a means to keep the intensity high between player encounters.

I put 150+ hours into Titan Fall between the beta and retail release. I'd honestly be really salty if they decided to remove the minions on Titan Fall 2.

SonyAddict1795d ago

Bs they ruined the game!,fact!.

sinspirit1794d ago

EVERYONE understands the point of them. Everyone just realizes how terrible they are done. That's like saying they could have replaced them with giant middle fingers with the same behavior but just because they are an integral part of the game and people don't "understand" that there is no issue here. If they portray soldiers in this time period then they shouldn't be so blind. They need something else that makes sense but delivers similar benefit. Ever heard of Starhawk? It's literally a far more solid game that basically Titanfall borrows a ton of ideas from, but not nearly as balanced or well done.

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Gazondaily1795d ago

People whinging about the A,I clearly didn't understand their purpose. Offline and bots....yeah not really what proper Titanfall fans want

Rude-ro1795d ago

No, people complain because they were absolutely pointless. we get why they were there but it was still poorly executed.

bennissimo1795d ago


You mean, like your childhood?

WeAreLegion1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

So, enjoying playing against bots and not having to deal with douchebags online makes them proper fans?

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Kingthrash3601794d ago

The AI had no skill, thus it needed no skill to kill them....what ever happend to building 10 year old said it was too 10 year old though.
If they are gunna have bots, and a gun that aims for you, the at least make it challenging

Utalkin2me1794d ago


You mean, like your comment?

gangsta_red1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

And again people do not realize what the bots were for. Part of the reason for the bots was for every person to have a chance to pilot a Titan. That way one team or one person who may be godlike wouldn't always have a Titan and dominate the whole match.

So there was no point in making the A.I. crazy good or that would defeat the purpose of what Respawn was going for.

Gazondaily1794d ago

Honestly, people are genuinely clueless if they mistake the bots for AI adversaries. They clearly are absolutely clueless and its tiring drumming the obvious into their heads.

Ah oh well....what can you do eh?

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ThePope1795d ago

You must not have played it in a few years as they have game modes that don't have them. Or you've never played at all and are just a hater lol

FITgamer1795d ago

At the very least have a game modes without out them. It's one of main reasons I only put 10 hours into the first game. It makes the game feel even more casual than COD.

game4funz1795d ago

Read @pope comment.
Cuz yea...there are modes without them soooo. Either you honestly were unaware or you didnt play it.

At least now you know.

Playable_Gamez1795d ago

I look at the bots as similar as minions in MOBA games

Perjoss1795d ago

Nah, the more I play games that have AI mixed in with human enemies the more I'm loving them. Battleborn's incursion and meltdown modes are such good fun.

aconnellan1795d ago

An offline option would be good, but have you played the game? The A.I is really key, like Pandamobile said, to each match's pacing.

They're there to make sure that people can get points to get their Titans faster - imagine, if they just weren't there at all, how long it would take to get a Titan? The game would turn from fast paced to a slow grind, and that would be terrible. You'd have 1-2 people at best running around with Titans, while everyone else waits for the timer to tick down.

The A.I also add a nice aesthetic feel to the game, but that's just a bonus.

Could they improve the A.I functionality? Yes. Should they be removed entirely? I don't think so

Tobsesan1795d ago

Looks like you never played the game

souldestroyer141794d ago

If you actually played the game you would know there's a game type without bots

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Tripl3seis1795d ago

Can't wait for next week!!!

Zorkaz1795d ago

Can't wait to find out more. E3's just next week though, so I guess I won't have to wait long ...

TheCatsMeow1795d ago

This is my most anticipated shooter. The first was such a solid FPS multiplayer experience. Can't imagine how fun the next will be. Bring on the mechs.

Rude-ro1795d ago

That's what people said with cod:mw... Just saying

Khaotic1795d ago

And the MW series was the pinnacle of COD cause it was developed by the team known as respawn now. It's funny how IW used to be the gold standard and Treyarch was trash and IW and Treyarch are both trash.

spicelicka1794d ago

And cod:mw was one of the most influential shooters ever...