Five most anticipated games of 2017

In this article, we’ll be listing the five biggest games on any platform that we won’t be able to play until 2017. But don’t worry. There are plenty awesome games you can play this year while waiting. You can check out our lists over the biggest upcoming 2016 games here.

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The 10th Rider1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Shenmue will likely be delayed. It's targeting holiday 2017 and Kickstarter projects almost NEVER make their goals. Outside of that it's a decent pick

Hard to be excited for Vampyr, Remember Me really wasn't all that great. Life is Strange was good, if you're into those kinds of games. At this point we haven't seen enough to get me excited.

Horizon, if it gets delayed, definitely belongs on the list, along with Zelda.

Immorals1795d ago

Mass Effect for sure. One of my favourite series!

Kalebninja1795d ago

TFW neither Zelda nor Kingdom Hearts are on the list.

Gotcha51795d ago

Hopefully MS launch Scalebound with the Xbox Scorpio...

reaper6021795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Shenmue(my favorite game series of all time) Yakuza and Mass Effect are on the top of my list for most anticipated games in 2017.

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