The Games of E3: Halo Wars 2

"With E3 just around the corner, there are a ton of awesome games for us all to get excited about. There are sure to be new titles announced at this year's show, but we will also learn new information about several titles that have already been announced. Over the next two weeks we will be exploring what games we can look forward to seeing more of, and what we can expect to learn from these upcoming titles" - Enthusiast Gaming.

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ProjectVulcan1800d ago

It's coming to Windows 10 too isn't it? I liked the first game. It was no Command and Conquer gameplay wise, but it was quite streamlined, slick and really pretty. It was just a tad too simplified. You basically could win all the time if you swarmed enemies with everything you had at once.

If the sequel is a bit deeper and a bit more strategic that would be great.

noksucow731800d ago

I agree. I was pleasantly surprised with Halo Wars. The cut scenes were awesome and I thought they did a good job of transferring the world of Halo to a RTS game. Like you said, it wasn't a command and conquer caliber game, but it was still good. I'd buy a sequel