Nvidia Pascal GTX 1080 Vs GTX 1070 Vs AMD Polaris Radeon RX 480 – Which Card You Should Buy

"We take a look at Nvidia Pascal GTX 1080 Vs GTX 1070 Vs AMD Radeon RX 480 to know which one of these graphics card you should actually go for if you’re looking to upgrade right away." By Sikander Mahmood

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ShadowKnight1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

I agree with the author. If you just want one card and care for 4K go with the Nvidia GTX 1070.

ninsigma1802d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

considering their 1070 price, I'd imagine it will be pretty competitive.

For now, dual 1080 is what you need to get over 6fps and not have to drop all your settings but if that's what you want I'd wait for the titan or 1080 ti. The cost of 2 1080s wouldn't be worth it when it'll probably less than a year before the next card comes out.

ShadowKnight1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

Only for the budget gamers. I'm still going with the GTX 1080 because I want the extra power and performance for 4K

freshslicepizza1801d ago

the 1080 would be nice but a little pricey for me, who knows. right now i was all for the 1070 but this new rx 480 sure has a great price and amd is working close with microsoft with dx12 and windows 10. it's probably best to see real test results and see what value each offers. right now i only have a 1080p monitor but would like to get into 1440 gaming.

ninsigma1801d ago

1440p is great. It's what I play at and it gives great picture quality while not having to fork out for 4k. I doubt you could go wrong with either of those cards for 1440p. I'd recommend 1070 for future proofing but Rx480 shouldn't be a slouch either.

Unspoken1801d ago

Two 1080s in SLI is the only way to go for 4K.

Grap1801d ago

one is more than enough for 4k 60fps.

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ninsigma1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

I mean competitive in price as opposed to power. I was referring to your comment below btw: "Curious to find out how much will Nvidia charge for the GTX 1060. They should compare that card with the RX480".

Ordered the 1080 gaming x from msi btw. Now the waiting game begins!!

ShadowKnight1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

Msi started selling it already? They're not selling it in the US yet or at least not on their website unless its already sold out.

Moz1801d ago

It's worth the wait, built a new system using a 1080 on Friday and it flys.

ninsigma1801d ago

Good to hear! So little information on release dates for the custom cards. It's driving me crazy xD

Moz1801d ago

Imagine the customs designs will be a month at least. Especially as all the main players are selling the Founders edition under their own brands.

ninsigma1801d ago

I've heard 14th of June floating around. I'm crossing my fingers for that :P

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ninsigma1802d ago

No not yet but it's on amazon UK so they'll ship it to me as soon as it's available. It's taking far too long for these to come out. The founders edition idea was stupid, just give me my custom xD

Shubhendu_Singh1802d ago

Well 4K still hasn't become much easy to get. Even GTX 1080 isn't a true 4K card.
Probably will have to wait for Vega and Big-Pascal for it to come true.

Other than that, I think GTX 1070 and RX 480 is about right.

ShadowKnight1802d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Actually 4K gaming works well in 30fps with my gtx 980 when I overclock it a little, which is still satisfying and playable.

@Flamebait I'm not a fan of dual cards. Most games don't support CF. Not to mention there's performance issues when you update the drivers in CF and SLI configurations sometimes which the author stated. It also puts more load on the CPU, Ram, and power supply.

OoglyBoogly1801d ago

My 290X has no issues with 4K so the GTX 1080 is certainly more than capable of 4K.

Moz1801d ago

As ever depends on the game you want to play.
I'm getting 70fps out of Overwatch running max setting @ 1920x1080 with a 200% super sample, so rendering at 4K

While maybe not at max settings the gtx1080 should be able to deliver 4K at 60fps for most current games and I don't think we can ask more then that from a single card

starchild1800d ago

Depends on the game, depends on your setup, depends on what kind of framerates you want.

For example, I have a 1440p Dell Gsync monitor and the 1080 kills pretty much everything at that resolution. If I was running a 4k Gsync monitor I think the 1080 would do a pretty credible job with most games at 4k. You'd probably get between about 30 and 70 fps depending on the game. On a Gsync monitor that is not bad at all.

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FlameBaitGod1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Good to see " I'm still going with the GTX 1080 because I want the extra power and performance for 4K" with absolutely no evidence on how the RX 480 will perform individually or in crossfire. Can you provide us links with these benchmarks ? proving your statement to be true ?

ninsigma1801d ago

Ever think he doesn't want two cards?? Rx480 is as good as a 980 so it'll be as good as that at 4k. The 1080 is the best single card for 4k (we don't need benchmarks for that) until 1080 ti or the big polaris cards come out.

FlameBaitGod1801d ago

He said " going with the GTX 1080 because I want the extra power and performance for 4K", that doesn't imply a single card and I',m starting to think you two are the same or something lol, always in the same articles replying to each other. Hopefully not.... that would be crazy.

ninsigma1801d ago

Considering you've noticed his comments, it's easy to see he's not a fan of dual cards and is choosing based on a single card setup. Yes the Rx480 will outdo a single card, but if you don't want 2 then 1080 for best 4k performance is what you need.

Lol no we're not the same person xD
Just similar interest in GPUS. Very rarely do we comment to each other outside of the gpu articles. Yes it would be very crazy xD

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ninsigma1802d ago

Good points for getting each card in the article. Looking forward to comparisons later when nvidia mid range and amd high end cards come out.

R6ex1801d ago

I'm eagerly waiting to see how the GTX 1060/65/60Ti is priced and how it performs relative to RX480.

Lon3wolf1801d ago

I am waiting for real benchmarks on the 480 to see how it stacks against the 1070 (these cards are my price range) and how much better than my 970 they are, cba with multi GPU set-ups did it once with 2 7870's.

R6ex1801d ago

My guess? 10-15% faster.

sarlucic1801d ago

If you want to play current and future games in 4k, 60fps or close wait for the 1080 TI. since the benchmarks for 1080 is really promising but does not reach all the way. If you want to play 2k or 1080p in 140fps get a 1080. If you want to play current game in 1080p/2k on ultra in 60 fps get a 1070. If you are on a budget and wanna play current game in close to max settings at 1080p get a rx 480. If you wanna play dx 12 game exclusively that support crossfire, get 2 in the future.

WheatBread1801d ago

You can get 60fps or more at 4k with 1080 sli.

sarlucic1801d ago

Yeah, but at that price point is it really worth it instead of waiting for the TI?

Phish1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

I kind of went this route and it is not ideal. I have 2 Titan X hybrids in SLI and thought that would be a lock for 60FPS @ 4K for pretty much all games. Certainly it can be if games are optimized for it, but in many cases you are lucky if SLI is supported (especially at game launch). Seeing as how a GTX 1080 can be over clocked, I'm really thinking a GTX 1080 Titan (or whatever they will call it) is going to be the single card solution to get for 4K. If so that will be when I switch over.

Unspoken1801d ago

SLI isn't 100% scaling and introduces other issues into games. Single card is the best solution by far.

R6ex1801d ago

For VR, I heard dual cards is great, but for normal gaming, single GPU is better.

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