This Day in Gaming History: EarthBound

Dash Bomber writes, "21 Years ago in the world of the 90’s North America received in its shores a game called EarthBound on the Super Nintendo. The story of a 10 year old boy called Ness and his 3 little friend’s journey to save Earth from an alien menace called Giygas. Yet, back then there were few who heard the tale of Ness and his friends. Earthbound sold poorly and the world might never truly know the reason for this poor reception. Perhaps it was due to a failed marketing campaign which stated that Earthbound “stunk” or maybe the mechanics of the game proved to be ahead of its time. But, for whatever reason EarthBound was relegated to the confines of a commercial failure."

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KentBenMei1795d ago

Top tier RPG, definitely in the top 3 for me, and has to be in the top 10 overall.