Sony E3 2016 Preview: PS4 NEO, PlayStation VR, Exclusive Games And The Future

Sony is heading into E3 looking strong. Here’s what to expect.

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stuna11802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

Gamingbolt the home of the what ifs!

Going off of what Gamingbolt says to expect, I expect a lot of people to be disappointed!

Just to be clear on the disagree! The title itself makes it what if! Unless I missed somewhere that Sony announced or even hinted at the PS4 Neo.

Yui_Suzumiya1802d ago

No one disagreeing except gamingbolt journo, lol

DemonChicken1802d ago

I lol'ed at the fact that the title says preview (based on speculation) but the news type is opinion

Glad I wasn't involved approving this

UltimateMaster1802d ago

New Santa Monica games, (God of War), a list of PS VR games, Suckerpunch's new game (Spiderman?), Horizon Zero Dawn. Naughty Dog's New Game and Uncharted DLC. The Last Guardian being delayed to 2019. You know, the usual stuff.

jessionpc1802d ago

Rashid is just a desperate middle aged man who doesn't wanna work, so he click bates for ad revenue.

Meh, guess I'm in the same boat, I don't wanna work too, so I'm not one to judge.

But I still will.

Wallstreet371802d ago

Psvr, PS Neo, More Horizon, more GT, gow4, more Wild, some exclusive surprises like Sony Bend game "Dead Dont Ride", Detroit and others and Sony will easily slay E3 again. I didnt even mention most of the follow ups from last E3 like TLG, Shenmue, etc....

stuna11802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

All I'm saying is Gamingbolt is known to finagle a headliner to get a click. And yeah I'm also excited for the games you've listed, but I probably would have been more intuned to hearing this from a more reputable site. Because we already know the next article being worked on will fall in line to Microsofts E3 preview Xbox Scorpio etc. etc.

Then after that's done they'll find a way to merge the two articles into one, and you know what comes next!? The literal fanbase against fanbase, each trying to claim superiority over the other. That's why I view them as flamebait central.

Majin-vegeta1802d ago

Lol theu already did the xbox article

Wallstreet371802d ago

Yeah i know what you were trying to say lol Gaming bolt is a joke!

TacticProductionz1802d ago

I don't believe Sony will announce PS Neo at E3. However, Sony has been known to do the impossible so I'm kinda torn between two minds.

FITgamer1802d ago

I expect they'd wait until PGW or TGS.

whothedog1802d ago

I would almost agree with that but all the rumors going around I don't think they can wait

MRMagoo1231802d ago

or ...........Or the rumours are just a load of crap and no new consoles get announced till the next gen consoles are coming ?

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Lord_of_Cinder1802d ago

It is time for a new God of War to debut on PS4. What an amazing series.

DeadlyOreo1802d ago

Na I'd rather something else. That has been done, I need something new.

Lord_of_Cinder1802d ago

I want to see more about that star wars VR exclusive game. Just some few more days

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