Jet Set Radio Inspired Hover: Revolt of Gamers Progressing Well - Cliqist

Felix Wong writes: "With a bold, cartoony vibe and parkour gameplay inspired by the original Mirror’s Edge, Hover: Revolt of Gamers won over the gaming community in May 2014. As such, it raised a whopping $116,398 through Kickstarter. Although it draws upon the free-running and vaulting concept of cult classic Mirror’s Edge, it isn’t a ripoff project in any sense of the word."

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garyanderson1800d ago

Totally missed this one, looks pretty cool.

3-4-51800d ago

* It's been early access on PC for a while and actually looks like a lot of fun. It's the closest thing to a jet set radio game we will get.

TXIDarkAvenger1800d ago

It's alright IMO. Not really a whole lot of content and would definitely benefit from having a story mode. The team is really small though too so development isn't fast.

Segata1800d ago

Eh Splatoon feels more JSR than this has despite a different genre.