Shiness Offering No Release Date, But Has Plenty to Show

Conrad Crisman writes: "This may come as bittersweet news to backers, who may have expected the game to be released more than a year ago as intended, but it seems that patient backers will be rewarded with much more content than was originally anticipated."

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garyanderson1801d ago

Nothing like blowing past your release date by over a year. Least it's looking good.

3-4-51800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

It does look really fun though so I'm cool with the delay. A lot of the times it's the publisher pushing for the earlier release date when the developers would rather have the extra 6-12 months ( or longer ) to make the game of higher quality.

wonderfulmonkeyman1800d ago

At least they didn't pull a Mighty No. 2 by setting a bunch of false release dates after the first one wasn't met.
Waiting until they've got a firm idea of it before announcing the next [and hopefully last] anticipated release date is a smarter idea than giving another window when they're not ready to commit to it yet.

Still, glad they haven't given up, and I can't wait to see the finished product.^_^

oasdada1801d ago

Looks fine.. sad most devs use cell shaded gfx to get away with not that great gfx.. love to see more cell shaded games with actual current gen gfx and effects like ratchet and clank and last gens spiderman shattered dimension