Major Nelson's New Xbox Experience PAX Demo

Interscription has linked off to a (somewhat shaky) video of Major Nelson's PAX NXE demo! The New Xbox Experience is looking better than ever, and looks even more polished and smooth than the demo at E3.

Stryfeno25512d ago

Nice...This is what I like about MS, always delivering 90% on time.

HipHopGamerShowFan5512d ago

Um, MS sending back the same broken 360 is not delivering.

Stryfeno25512d ago (Edited 5512d ago )

Sony giving PS3 owners a AAA title every 2 years is not what I call delivering either.

doshey5512d ago

nope had AAA titles last year already have had some this years so ur dumb

HipHopGamerShowFan5512d ago

What are you talking about?

This year we already got GTA4 and MGS4. You Fail.

Stryfeno25512d ago (Edited 5512d ago )

According to your droids GTA4 wasn't a AAA title.

Droid Denial 101: GTA4 is soooo overrated and who cares about DLC, I traded my copy in ...But I will bet if it was a PS3 exclusive it would of been the Best Game in the world. YOU FAIL!!!

doshey5512d ago (Edited 5512d ago )

to some it was to others it wasnt so get ur facts straight

and if it was ps3 exclusive it would have been a better game cuz it would of had no limits

WOW ur telling me to get my facts straight wow omg dude u just made me LMAO

Stryfeno25512d ago (Edited 5512d ago )

LMAO...Bigger doesn't mean better. Get your facts straight, GTA4 would still be GTA4 if it was a PS3 exclusive.

power of Green 5512d ago

I wonder what the expansions will look like, will the devs go ahead and use the 360's hardware without PS3's gimping inferior hardware in mind?

Remember while this troll you are replying to talks sh*t, it is the PS3 version that needed to be handi capped to run hence handi-capping the 360 version.

pwnsause5512d ago Show
power of Green 5512d ago

No one cares what fanatical nut case trolls say.

This site and PS3 fanboys are like Bill/Sean and friends on Fox News. Folks watch to see what the nuts say next. (Jerry Springer of news)

RoidRage5512d ago (Edited 5512d ago )

pwnsause I would hold your little sony b*tch a*s down with one hand. Doshey you need to think about getting some fat free soap, so you can wash the fat out of your eye's. And Hiphop, what the f*ck would you know about a 360, with a PS3 hanging out of your a*s?

InMyOpinion5512d ago

lol @ droids crying cause they don't have any games to play. It's funny how we see tons of reviews for games like Braid, Galaga Legions, Castle Crashers and Geometry Wars 2. When was the last time PSN got some interesting content? All you have is Home lol! Some kind of sh!tty hub that's been delayed for years and has no real use.

It's not our fault that we also get tons of jrpgs while you get nothing. All you can do is try to bash them as much as possible, since you won't be able to play them.

heyheyhey5512d ago (Edited 5512d ago )


Quest for Booty came out recently, Siren kicked ass

Linger in Shadows next week (original stuff), WipeOut HD soon (will kick XBLA's collective ass)

PixelJunk Eden recently, Fat Princess, Crash Commando, Savage Moon, Rag-Doll Kung-Fu soon

we're stealing Penny Arcade Adventures soon

Club GTi+ from Konami soon, Red Baron PC port soon

Flower soon

we're stealing some puzzle game from XBLA

we're stealing Braid from XBLA soon

that fun-looking vehicle game with the ridiculous title i can't remember

oh yeah and.... SOCOM......pwned


again you prove your stupidity

not that i agree with the whole below 8/10=flop ethos, but in that case- Siren got 81 which is definitley not a flop

Quest for Booty at 75

"soon" means in the next couple of months and those are confirmed.....ouch

the stolen titles from XBLA are not my decision dumbass.. the devs decided there is a lot of money to be made from PSN... and that watching Xkids cry about it is funny

say goodbye to all the decent XBLA "exclusives"

face it, PSN has more originality, scale and epic games- XBLA is just that, an arcade that sees releases of tired, retro games that suck nowadays

Castle Crashers? fun, but it was a flash game on new grounds, not exactly grand-scale wouldn't you say? oh yeah and it might come to the PSN

btw i know your joking around with the fanboy thing Jenzo, you can't fool me- either that or you've changed while i was gone

InMyOpinion5512d ago

lol! You mentioned the word 'soon' five times in that comment. Nice ;) The just-you-wait syndrome we've been seeing since 2006.

You also mentioned stealing games from XBLA. Just shows that you too are aware of the higher quality of XBLA titles. Why else would you want to steal them?

Quest for booty and Siren were both flops. I thought you knew? All games that get reviews that are below 8/10 automatically become flops.

Snukadaman_5512d ago

Is that a insult or is he praising his big d*ck...roflmao. wow.

Gam715512d ago

Lol snuka.

Guess he's focusing on what he likes.


i started reading your comment but realised it was the same comment you've been posting for the past 6 months so knew what you was going to say.
Still talking about soon and the same games that you was back then.

Don't worry they will be released soon then you can buy them and play them.

Oh wait your a ps3 owner so you wont be buying anything or playing just trolling on here.

5512d ago
TheMurderer5512d ago

It's interesting that you say that PSN is STEALING games from XBLA. It's not STEALING. They weren't exclusives. They just came to XBLA first, is all. Games cost too much nowadays to be exclusive, which is why FFXIII went to the 360 too. Microsoft didn't pay them (the president of Square Enix confirmed this), they just saw a large potential market, and with multimillion dollar games, they need bigger sales.
I personally think gamers should be HAPPY that other gamers get to experience great games like Braid.

Also, Castle Crashers was never a Newgrounds game first. Alien Hominid was, and Dan Paladin has other games, but Castle Crashers was just on XBLA (cept for a little preview game made to commemorate the one for consoles). Get your facts straight.

KBDuB5512d ago (Edited 5512d ago )

And, we've had an AAA every month. So, I guess our perception of an AAA game is not the same, eh?

"and if it was ps3 exclusive it would have been a better game cuz it would of had no limits" You're an idiot. People don't complain about the graphics nor the story or length of the game. They complain about the core game, the game play. So, it would not have mattered if it was a PS3 exclusive.

spandexxking5512d ago

this is one of the most sh1ttest arguements on n4g ever. from both sides. but i will say that playstation has got games now and soon

bpac1234567895511d ago

I have to admit the new dashboard is looking alot better than i had origanly thought. in some ways its better than my ps3 xmb, it kinda reminds me of the mac. Sony better get home out here fast, because im feeling a little envious for the first time,ever.

ShinMaster5511d ago

. . . is a new dashboard with a "Mii" on a Windows Vista interface with Windows XP's green/blue color pallet.

P.S. Those are not "themes", they're simply wallpapers.
PS3 themes include custom icons, sound FX, and alternating backgrounds, plus they're all free.
Gamers can also make their own custom themes.

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HipHopGamerShowFan5512d ago

I know me and HipHopGamer are looking forward to this, but more on HOME :)

power of Green 5512d ago

STFU you belligerent troll.
Good lord

silverchode5511d ago

lol at the irony of pog callin hiphopgamerfan a belligerent troll.

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doshey5512d ago

all i could hear is him saying bla bla bla are avatars will make all 360 owners gay and then more bla bla bla im a douchbag, just had to sum it up for everyone