PS4 Exclusive Gran Turismo Sport Won’t Make You Wait for DLC as Long as Gran Turismo 5 Did

Gran Turismo Sport will release with 140 “super premium cars,” but racing game enthusiasts always want more. Luckily, according to Producer Kazunori Yamauchi, we won’t have to wait as long as we did with Gran Turismo 5 for some DLC, as he mentioned during the Q&A session following today’s Japanese media event.

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Ashlen1798d ago

Well at least there is some good news about the game. There will be lots of DLC to buy really quickly, probably even the first day, that's the best news I have heard about this game so far!


freshslicepizza1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

i will be that guy once again, how much will this game be ($60?) and how much content will there be compared to previous gt games? this information will be useful to determine if content is being held back in favor of dlc since these guys spend years making gt games but they will now have content ready so early? we can't chastize companies like ea, ubisoft and others for their practices and then turn a blind eye here because we like polyphony better.

Servbot411798d ago

Can't wait to pay for weather effects.

Liqu1d1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

It's already been confirmed to have weather effects so try educating yourself kid. And don't bother editing your comment to say "dynamic weather".

No, I really don't. It was obvious uneducated trolling.

KiwiViper851798d ago

You use kid as an insult a lot.

He was obviously just making a joke, just laugh it off, kid...

1798d ago
AntsPai1798d ago

Everything I hear about this entry makes me sad. I've been a long time GT fan and this is disheartening. I hope the DLC is free or inexpensive. Hopefully at E3 they will drop some sort of bombshell. I'd be happy if Kaz decided to delay the game to improve on it.

Salooh1798d ago

Think of it as a spin off that is doing a new thing. That's actually what it is lol. It's not GT7. Even i fall into higher expectations. However, i recognised that it is my fault that i expected things that are not promised. It is unrealistic to expect GT7 quality/quantity with a different vision. That needs a huge amount of work. So either get that after many many years or get GTSport to fill the time instead of just waiting for GT7..

Obscure_Observer1798d ago


Actually, this IS GT7 (or was)

Don´t think about this game like some sort of spin-off, and don´t hold your breath waiting for some full fledged Gran Turismo game anytime soon.


Servbot411798d ago

They've stated this wasn't a spinoff, and should be considered a mainline game, so in essence it is GT7. They just don't have enough faith in it to actually label it that, so when/if it flops, they can option-select into "just wait for the real GT7 guys!"

1798d ago
Goldby1797d ago

So Obscure, is forza horizon a forza motorsport game? If so that means theres 9 entries in your forza game franchise.

If it was GT7 it would be called GT7.

The said it COULD have been GT7 but because it is so different from what GT6 is, it isnt part of the main franchise just like horizons are part of forza motorsport.

But of course there will always be double standards. smh

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SaveFerris1798d ago

What about the remaining Vision GT cars for Gran Turismo 6?