5 Sexiest Bosses in Video Games

GuidesCloud: Sometimes 'sexy' bosses in video games are justified. At times, be that as it may, they're just completely baffling. Watch out for the ones with the most explaining to do. Check out 5 of the sexiest bosses in video games below.

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nuckfuggets1805d ago

Deadrising have a history of such fuk up bosses

Stupid1805d ago

worst game with worst bosses

nuckfuggets1805d ago

yea its worst because your dumb PC is not heavy enough to play such games .

Yetter1805d ago

they are a lot of fun. I suggest you try one sometime

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deafdani1805d ago

I hate this website and any other that has that one page, one entry per page bullshit.

Symbolic WTF and No.

Gardenia1805d ago

I assume that is for the ads, I wouldn't know I use Adblock

deafdani1804d ago

I don't understand your comment, and the other replies, regarding ads. They are kinda annoying, but I can put up with them.

No, I'm talking about articles that list 5 things, and have 5 pages... only 1 item per page. I hate that.

nuckfuggets1805d ago

well since the launch of addblocker , bloggers from all around the world facing difficulties in making money , thats why loads of sites do adds like this .. i dont care man unless i get some quality article , and hey this one is kinda enjoyable

Godmars2901805d ago

So its a self sustaining/causative issue. Sites use invasive ads causing visitors to use ad block, so sites put up more invasive ads.

SegaGamer1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

It's their fault that we use ad blockers in the first place, they have let ad's completely ruin the experience when visiting a site. People wouldn't have needed ad blockers if they didn't include ad's that had virus's, ad's that would pop up everywhere, ad's that would slow down your computer and ad's that played annoying videos.

Don't blame the ad block users, blame the people that let ad's get so out of control.

JBryant06191805d ago

Cassandra from Shank for sure

GrimDragon1805d ago

Wtf kind of list is this? Nothing remotely sexy about any of these female bosses.
I went in thinking elexis Sinclair from the game sin or shahdee from prince of Persia warrior within would be on this list and instead we get a list of most vomit inducing boss females.

Bobafret1805d ago

Sexy from the perspective of a 12 year old apparently.

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