What would your perfect Game of Thrones videogame look like?

MWEB GameZone writes: "Do you agree that this is what the perfect GOT game should be?"

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HanCilliers1805d ago

2K & Bethesda can defs both make an awesome open world Got game

naruga1805d ago

if there will be a GoT game in the future .. will be instantly by default pre- ridiculed by games like Dark Souls and Witcher ...the whole wannabe mature story of GoT looks like a childish erotic comedy in front of these games

Summons751805d ago

An Elder Scrolls styled game. Make the world, have the lore, be able to make your own character and just live and explore the world. Don't shoe horn the story we know and have been seeing but have it set either long after the story ends so you can have freedom to create some new conflict but not be confined to the books.

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Goldby1805d ago

Ya a definitly cool take would be interacting with the world while the main GOT cast are going about their days. Add in something similar to the Nemesis system from show of mordor and you got a good game. It would be cool to to keep mage users as a special unlock character aftet multiple playthroughs or something as magic isnt that prevelant in the series.

Immorals1805d ago

Witcher 3 engine, based on the books, not the TV show.

The doom of valyria would be epic!

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