Earn Gold, Unlock Fable 2 Items with Web Games

Kotaku having an interview with Lionhead Studiou's Sam Van Tilburgh earlier today, told that Pub Games will not be the only way to earn cash for Fable 2.

Sam Van Tilburgh told when the Official Website relaunches, it will include a webgame or two which will allow you to earn Fable 2 gold and will let you unlock items like dye pots and chicken suit's. Gamers will be able to unlock 6-7 special items through the website. You will be able to earn coins through the games, Van Tilburgh Said.

When asked the question if you can earn coins and/or items via Mobile games or Iphone games, Van Tilburgh was cagey about the possibility, but did say he would mention the idea to Peter Molyneux

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ASSASSYN 36o3790d ago

I'm cheating like crazy in the pub game. I am rich son RICH!

TheColbertinator3790d ago

I will start from scratch.Earn my way to the top.But all these extra gold jobs are working out greatly

shutupandplay3790d ago

the good news is i pre ordered it. the bad news is ps3 fans cant play it.

arakouftaian3790d ago

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