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Totally Gaming Network: Pirates, marines and lords of the sea come together in a fighter that’s both exciting and fast. Fans of the One Piece will be right at home here, as the source material is very well represented here. The graphics are bold, right and the action is very frantic. This is 3 on 3 fighting of the best way, though non fans will be utterly lost. It’s really hard to get into the characters as most of them are pretty freaky. The first place to visit is the Paramount War, this is basically the story mode.

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jessionpc1798d ago

I never understood why people would ever pay for a Manga game. They are all based on the story you already know?... So why? There is no surprise, epiphany, discovery?... Not knowing what's going to happen is what makes games great, all this is doing is just... Playing the tv show over through a laughably limited medium that doesn't do the manga/anime ANY justice in the FIRST place!...

Like, the day someone makes a OP game where it's a giant open world RPG, where you go through the entire universe as your OWN pirate crew beside the famous characters in the story as the world unfolds in real time, playing your OWN unique one piece adventure with your own story based characters is the day I buy a OP game.

But hey, why do that when they can just COD style cash in on a popular series?...