Complementary products to buy along with Mirror's Edge Catalyst

Game Idealist's list of complementary products to purchase along with Mirror's Edge Catalyst.

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Zorkaz1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

Problem is that, as usual, the best stuff's always in the Collector's Edition, which I can't really afford. I mean I feel bad enough preordering this ...
I mean I can 'afford it', I just think I'd rather get the some of the stuff that's exclusive to it without the rest, and it's too much for lots I don't really need ...

annoyedgamer1356d ago

lol what a joke. Just keep throwing money at these greedy corporations.

hazelamy1356d ago

if my experience with the first game is any indication, some anti nausea medication would be helpful.
if i'm hoping to play for more than about ten minutes at a time.