Mirror’s Edge Catalyst on PC Has an Unoptimized Texture Problem, Stutters Constantly

It’s not Battlefield season, and that means developer EA Dice is busy working on a new game within the once-forgotten Mirror’s Edge franchise.

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zb1ftw7771804d ago

PC games stutter all the time.

PC gamers refuse to acknowledge it though because of how much money they just spent on their rig.

Consoles may have worse resolution and lower fos, but almost always a smoother, more consistent framerate.

Unwaivering 30fps provides a much better experience than microstuttering 120fps.

That is fact.

SniperControl1803d ago

If devs actually spent some time optimising there damn PC games then stuttering wouldn't be a problem, most of the time, PC gamers get lazy afterthought 5h1tty ports of console games with hardly any noticible difference between the two versions.

zb1ftw7771803d ago

And the reason that is is because of money.

If PC gamers actually bought their games instead of pirating them so much, more devs would create quality PC games.