Why did Blizzard craft an engrossing story for Overwatch, then toss it away?

In the months and weeks leading up to its release, Blizzard Entertainment teased Overwatch as a multiplayer shooter that, while lacking a traditional campaign mode, still featured a cohesive story. A number of fantastic computer-animated short films and digital comics helped bolster that expectation.

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Lennoxb631799d ago

Because the story is just the backdrop for the game. The multiplayer is the focus.

badz1491799d ago

because they realized they don't have to. their apologist will defend the game for them no matter how bare-boned it is! easy money!

Takwin1799d ago

Overwatch is what was left over after they scrapped their next-gen MMO, code-named Titan. It was in development for many years, but, according to them, looked great and played well but was not fun. I think the graphics and slick gameplay of Overwatch can attest to how smooth it would've been, but like WoW especially now and all shooters - even the ones that feign to be MMOs - would've probably been soulless.

I was hyped for Titan like 6 years ago when I still played WoW religiously, but after kicking that addiction, MMOs and FPS are two sides of the same hamster-wheel coin that I will avoid at all costs (or ironically, no cost at all).