Sega Europe 'looking into' releasing new Hatsune Miku, as game is rated in Australia

Just announce it already, SEGA. For whatever reason, Sega has left its European fans twisting in the wind, wondering if they'll ever see localizations of titles like 7th Dragon III Code: VFD or anything made by Atlus.

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TheColbertinator1803d ago

7th Dragon gets too little respect from Sega. Its embarrassing

Yi-Long1802d ago

I think it's Europe that is getting very little respect. Even if these are 'niche' games for a limited market, I'm sure a rythm-anime game like Hatsune Miku could sell a few hundred thousand copies.

Just slap some English subs on it, give it a digital-only release (less risk for Sega Europe), give it an attractive price (30 euro or less), and surely people around Europe will be willing to buy it.