Star Wars Battlefront 3 fan game supposedly coming to Steam

Normally, these sort of projects usually get met with cease and desist letters, rather than any sort of official backing, but Frontwire claims to have signed a deal with Valve to bring its game to Steam.

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Majin-vegeta1797d ago

And Disney shall strike with all its mite!!

OC_MurphysLaw1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Yeah I was just going to say ....Valve has really no say on whether this game is allowed to be made or not. Disney holds the key to the kingdom and given they have allowed EA to have that license officially... I don't see this game seeing the light of day unless they ditch all Star Wars references and modeling.

Edit: I will also add...not overly impressed with what they showed.

Shubhendu_Singh1796d ago

WOW! I hope they don't get sued on the basis of similar vehicle models and everything.

Has a "fan project" ever came out from their initial stages?
That UnrealEngine4 MetalGear remake guy also got a letter to stop.

Playable_Gamez1795d ago

They do realize that EA and Disney is going to put the lawsuit hammer down on them?

Playable_Gamez1795d ago

Looks like crap, but looks like more like Battlefront than EAs Battlefront.

Lon3wolf1795d ago

Think they are hoping that as the game is free that Disney/EA will allow its release

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