5 Games You Cannot Play in Front of Your Parents

We as a whole have games that we are blameworthy of playing behind our folks’ backs. I’ve aced the craft of listening to my folks strides drawing nearer my room and rapidly killing my hardware at a practiced pace. I don’t accuse my folks for attempting to shield me from the world, however there are →

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Zombeess1797d ago

I think parrents restirected games are Leisure suit and bmx xxx

Stupid1797d ago

BMX XXX is one of the wrost game ever

Shubhendu_Singh1796d ago

When I'm at home in holidays, I noticed that my parents don't notice much when I'm seeing a kissing scene or a sex scene coming on a TV show or a movie...but they really do freak out a bit when they see even kissing when I'm playing a game.

In their minds, and lots of other parents, Gaming will always be a "kids-play-VG" thing. They cant hold their surprise when Games get as realistic as some TV shows which they don't have a problem with. Shame.

Melankolis1796d ago

Why parents? I can't play it in front of my kids...

Tiqila1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

I'm not playing these games in front of my daughter either. However, she enjoys Witcher 3 based bedtime stories :)

1796d ago
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