PlayTV walkthrough video

Chautemoc of Gamegrep writes: has a walkthrough/reviewish video of Sony's PlayTV service up on the ol' utubes, and you can see it below.

The service is set for Europe and Australia only as of now, with other regions unlikely to see it due to differences in digital standards.

PlayTV is a twin-channel DVB-T tuner peripheral with digital video recorder (DVR) software which allows users to watch and record television programmes to the hard drive of a PlayStation 3 console for later viewing.

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PlayStation3603753d ago

I know PlayTv is useless for us folks here in the US. We have very few over-the-air digital channels, it won't be standard until 09. But I always thought it would be dope for Sony to make the PS3 be used like an IPTV receiver for U-verse/FiOS. So instead of using my Motorola set-top-box, I'd just hook up the ethernet cable to my PS3, and watch/record programs using my PS3.

Just wishful thinking I know. But still. :/

morganfell3752d ago

February 17th is coming soon. We may see some movement from Sony then. I would really like to see that.

errolthedragon3752d ago

So a new Firmware updates to be expected in the next 10 days or so then.
Any word whether the blue tooth remote will work with this? I see no reason why not.

BlackCountryBob3752d ago

All the behind the scenes stuff for PlayTV was in 2.40 but you have to load a DVD when you first get the box to install the software and GUI. No firmware update is necessary.

And it is optimised for the BD remote but Stuff magazine are clowns so didn't mention this. Other reasons why they are clowns are that there is no HD material in the UK for the PlayTV to receive (but as a gadget magazine they focus on features in a tick box like system without using their brains; they love the idea of future proof even though they advocate buying all new stuff every 6 months) and there is no DRM; you cannot transfer to the PSP as it cannot play MPEG2 files (Either the PSP will be patched for MPEG2 or the PS3 will get software to encode MPEG2 to MP4).

Stuff magazine; for when real journalism and research is unnecessary.

errolthedragon3752d ago

It was early heard her mention firmware, guess they're right what they say bout assumptions mother.

Stuff is a bit off a joke really i've been reading it for awhile, but picked up my first copy for a few months and had to laugh at some of the articles and their facts they had put in there.

Good to know about the remote though cheers!!

Rhythmattic3752d ago

Doesn't record HD !! Aaarrgghhh.....

alex873752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

Well, not really. In the UK at least we don't have any HD Freeview broadcasts yet, so it isn't really an issue.
It won't be until sometime in 2009 that we start getting HD broadcasts, and perhaps support for them might be added via a firmware update.

Ngai3752d ago

Ps3 needs usb slots in the back... having so many ugly devices hanging out of it is ruining the experience.

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