E3 2016 Predictions - Bethesda

The next Player 2 E3 2016 prediction looks at Bethesda and what it will bring to E3 this year.

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xtheblackparade1805d ago

I expect at least a short announcement they are working on TES6 , probably no release date. 2018 maybe.

Deadlead1805d ago

Hope vs Logic. Logic: 99.9% sure they won't announce anything on TES6, Bethesda has lots of other projects ongoing i.e. Doom&Fallout4, upcoming i.e. Dishonored 2, and the obviously unannounced (maybe Wolfenstein, Evil Within, TES remasters idk) Additionally between The Wither 3 out Bethesdaing Bethesda, rumors Bethesda is hiring new talent to reach the bleeding edge of graphics (new engine hopefully) 2018 is clearly super optimistic and even if 2018 is THE YEAR Bethesda probably wouldn't announce anything till E3 2017. Hope: Maybe, just maybe! Therefore I agree with you sir!

Bigpappy1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

I agree that Bethesda will not announce ES6. But that is simply because they don't announce games until nearing release and they are far from finished with fallout.

As far as witch out bathesda'ING Bathesda? That is pure fan boy nonsense. Bathesda does great work using their art to create convincing environments. But it was never about having the prettiest graphics. The Witcher is anot excellent game, but it doesn't play anything like a Bathesda game and does nothing to take away from what Bethesda games. I hope Bethesda keeps improving their engine, but I they are still the best at what they do by a mile. I am still playing and enjoying fallout by the way. Only expansion I added was the robots. Have not bought another game since.

Deadlead1805d ago

@Bigpappy I was not insulting the work done by Bethesda, TES is probably my all time favorite franchise. No series has ever given such a true sense of freedom and adventure. My meaning was that what CDPR achieved in the Witcher 3 matched or surpassed Skyrim and FO4 in many ways. Combat, crafting, alchemy, trading, storytelling, voice acting, writing, character development, we're all far better in TW3 and man Novigrad just left me slack jawed. Then the staple of TES and FO, the fully realized world filled with diverse cultures, creatures, and engrossing lore that encourages players to explore every nook and cranny was done arguably as well in TW3 but was far more visually engaging. And not just compared to Bethesda's games but stands as one of the most visually stunning games ever.

sleepyhead1805d ago

And 2017-18 is the time period when cdpr's cyberpunk 2077 will appear in the horizon. Cdpr already said it will be far more ambitious than the witcher 3 and I highly doubt those are empty words. Each installment from cdpr has been leaps and bounds ahead of the previous one so far. If cp 2077 takes another leap like that, beth really needs to step up and take time to make their next big rpg as good as possible.

roguedragon11805d ago

If not TES6 then please give us skyrim either remastered or Back compat on X1.

Perjoss1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

Quake 5 announcement would be pretty cool, though they will probably just call it Quake.

Yui_Suzumiya1805d ago

Probably wait until QuakeCon

DefenderOfDoom21805d ago

A sequel to RAGE would be awesome.

Yui_Suzumiya1805d ago

I want a Remastered Rage so there isn't any issue with textures loading like on the PS3 version.

Perjoss1805d ago

I loved Rage, wish the ending wasn't so bad though.

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