Nintendo NX and VR: Marriage Made in Heaven?

NX has a mass production delay due to VR implementation; how would this impact the mid-generational console war?

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Omnislashver361800d ago

If this means they're holding out for a r480, then hell yes. I could care less about VR, but to use an r480 would just knock the socks off gamers with their art style and polish.

Aenea1799d ago

The r480 is the GPU card, Polaris is what drives it, they could use Polaris tho...

Antnee5341800d ago

I just hope they bring this out as the said hanheld/console so that can make a case for pokemon to make the jump

Aenea1799d ago

Meh, this is more fan drivel it seems.

Oculus and Sony work years on getting VR to work nicely and Nintendo simply postpone the NX and whips it up in less than a year. Sure, totally believable!

The article that started this rumour is nothing more then:
1) NX production postponed
2) VR is becoming popular

Conclusion: Nintendo is going to add the best VR evah to the NX!

ChickeyCantor1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Nintendo wouldn't be making the hardware. They would probably outsource it like they do with their AMD hardware.

Not that I believe nor care about the VR for nintendo.

herbs1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Not entirely sure Nintendo will go the VR route right out the gate with the NX but Nintendo do have proven tech for tracking, motion and most importantly wireless streaming (Gamepad) that would make VR far more appealing to the masses. Nobody wants wires coming out of the head and face thats tethered to expensive hardware and Nintendo already have the patents to solve this.