Are epic titles like MGS4 disappearing? Kojima: "I feel a responsibility ... to create hardcore games"

Gothic Girl of writes: In a recent interview with Eurogamer, Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima discussed MGS4's development, the importance of hardcore games, and why he believes Metal Gear Solid 4 appealed to the Western audience more so than the Japanese audience.

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Bombibomb3725d ago

All hail Hideo Kojima AKA GOD!! *Bow*

Winter47th3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

A rare gem among developers.

mikeslemonade3725d ago

Yes the industry is missing games that are hardcore games. take atleast 4 years to create, and that are exclusive to one system.

Heldrasil3725d ago

Great developer, but really, he is a person just like the rest of us. Respect...yes.....but some people act like they worship this guy, that doesn't seem too healthy.

BobDog3725d ago

heldrasil u must be joking...

he is not a normal person DONT SAY SUCH LIES


morganfell3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

Well when there is only one system capable of realizing Kojima's vision then yes it is exclusive to one system. And this won't be the last Kojima game that is exclusive either.

Asked whether he would develop multiplatform games in future, Kojima said: "If we're talking about the future - not MGS4, but my future titles, if we're referring to that - if the hardware technology rises then obviously, you know, it won't be based on the hardware anymore. Probably I will first create the software and then, um, it's a strange word to say, but port to other hardware if that technological ability rises in all areas."

All you have to do is be able to read with a 3rd grade comprehension level. I realize that disqualifies 99% of certain people, but they are just going to have to trust their older and wiser PS3 owner friends.

"port to other hardware if that technological ability rises in all areas."

Kojima loves the Bluray and the space it gives him. Don't have Bluray? Don't expect a port of ANY future Epic Kojima game.

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Kami3725d ago

he is kami nor god.
in his language is kami.

SaiyanFury3725d ago

Truly a man who knows his art form. He knows what games us core gamers want and he knows how to deliver. In this, I have a profound respect and love for this man and his drive to deliver continuing games to us gamers that built this industry into what it is. I respect casual gamers and the contributions they make to monies earned to companies, but the real drive and advance in games is made by us core gamers. Go Kojima-sama!

SolidSnake933725d ago

Hideo made the perfect game, but there are plenty of other epic titles coming this fall, though none as epic as MGS4.

Enigma_20993725d ago


I'm assuming that you had the same problem with Too Human, right? or maybe not since it was on the 360...

@Heldrasil :

You think that's bad... you should see the people that lick Itigaki's boots... and he's not even humble, the f***...

And Solid Snake's story is over. I can accept that. Now I want to see what else he wants to make.

vitz33725d ago

He was credited in MGS4 as "Voice of God". Don't believe me? Look it up.

Homicide3725d ago

Kojima-san is our last hope.

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plain rice3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

Zone of the Enders. Bring it on Kojima!

dro3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

Bombibomb know man bows to another man (-_-) ...but i stil think kojima is gonna keep games like mgs4 alive,i hope he brings out mgs5,6,7...and i hope god of war 4,5,6..e.t.c comes out. ;D


RyuStrife3725d ago

He sure is harsh on himself. I hope he is working on ZOE 3. First 2 was Awesome.

Zerodin3725d ago

His responsibility is to have bucked teeth.

PirateThom3725d ago

You're just mad you'll never get to experience one of his epic, hardcore games.

ThatCanadianGuy3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

You would have no teeth at all if you said that infront of any Kojima fan

play_b3yond3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

And you responsibility is to play GAYlo 3 on your Flopbox 360. Red apple for you racist xbot. People like you should shut up.

juuken3725d ago

Sit down and shut the hell up.
Racist prick.

dro3725d ago

shut up :/

ur brain is shallow minded!!!

AIi_The_Brit3725d ago

Zerodin believe me when i say this, if you kill yourself now, we'l all support it :)

Stryfeno23725d ago

But seriously, Kojima-san says "the importance of hardcore games" obviously it is not important because you only support the PS3. When will you go multiplat kojima? If it is just about the hardcore games then why did you make MGS4 exclusive?

Obama3725d ago

It's exclusive because only ps3 can fully realize his vision of what the game can be. If he has to make the game for the firebox, the game will be seriously downgraded. You should applaud him for making a masterpiece bot.

heyheyhey3725d ago


because only on PS3 can Kojima optimize his creativity and deliver a game on a truly epic scale

360 is irrelevant... no-one cares anymore

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xhi43725d ago

"I still think that there are gamers who love these epic games or hardcore games because some people still really live with games, and really receive something from games, and I regard them as real gamers. Now, as long as these gamers exist I feel a responsibility that someone has to do it, to create these games, so I'm not really worried."