5 Best RPGs Of This Century So Far

GuidesCloud picks 5 of the best RPGs of this century, so stay with us as we countdown the best role-playing games made in 21st century.

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MyGameMag1796d ago

dragon age inquisition is one of the best games ive ever played... and witcher 3 was also good tho

nX1796d ago

I thought that DA:Inquisition was a repetitive fetch quest simulator, finished it once and could never play it again. The Souls series which is somehow missing completely on this list beats it in terms of quality.

P_Bomb1796d ago

Picks are too safe. If you aren't a Bethesda or Bioware stalwart, don't click.

nuckfuggets1796d ago

It was Poorly optimised for PC tho

1796d ago
thorstein1795d ago

DA Origins was far better than Inquisition. But as far as "this century" goes, 5 is too low a number.

1795d ago
Armaggedon1795d ago

Truth that souls should be on the list. Dragon age sidequests seem like fetch(some are), but try looking at others with a more inquisitive aproach. ;)

Maxor1795d ago

DA:I was great, but after the Witcher 3 the side quests became unplayable. The offline MMO questing made the game extremely dated and the DLCs are a joke compared the Witcher 3's outstanding quality.

fiveby91795d ago

I thought the story in DA:O and DA:I were both very good. At least with DA:i they redeemed themselves from DA2. I have not played the entire Souls series yet. Of what I have played I enjoy it very much.

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Segata1796d ago

DAI is VERY mediocre with a lot of problems. Polished but has game design issues. I like it myself but it's not the best anything.

UnHoly_One1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Witcher 3 doesn't deserve to be on this list.

It's not even an RPG. All the skills are samey and change little or nothing, and there is almost zero character progression of any sort.

It is not a good enough game to make any list. I will never understand the love for that mediocre game.

Grap1795d ago

300+ GOTY awards disagrees with you.

Goldby1795d ago

Yes take an RPG (Role Playing Game) throw in the most lively world, the most intriguing stories that turned out to all be Side Quests. (Bloody Barron could have been the entire game imo)

Add in over 50 levels to upgrade your character, with over 30 different builds you could be even before blood and wine.

Add in the nitty gritty of real world racism and sexism, and you have a story that actually feels like its a game based on an ancient history of our own world. Add a hint of over 30 different variations of the world state at the end of the game.

But ya, witcher definitly doesnt deserve to be on a list showcases the best RPGS of the century. /s

Really should keep these comments to games like quantum break. Heck even infamous had more ending than qb. And they only had 2

Segata1795d ago

It's an RPG through and through.

UnHoly_One1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

I don't deny its popular, but that doesn't make it good.

It's one of the worst RPG's I've ever played.

Just my opinion. It was a 5/10 at best.

1795d ago
jessionpc1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

You don't understand the love for that game?...

Buddy, it's a glorified softcore porno, full of gore and violence... Take a look at your country's society for a second. How many people did you grow up with were dudebro's who spent more time getting drunk than learning a skill?

It's popular first and for most because it's smut culture, with the genuine game behind it coming second.

I'm sure people disagree, but think about it... What names of any characters do you remember OTHER than Geralt or the ones who take their clothes off for you?... The alchemy system in TW is the worst I've ever seen in any game, the melee combat is... *wipes sweat off face", absolutely terrible, even though TW3 has improved it over 1-2, it's still bad. Not to mention the entire Witcher series main story is just... SO forgettable.

I'll give Witcher 3 it's due for polish, amount of content, attention to detail, great voice acting, exploration and great music/atmosphere...

But I also gotta take Witcher 3 for it's greasy showcased downgrade which they then blamed to console power, when they knew full well they developed separate scenes specifically made JUST for the E3 show, then never once went back to inform unsuspecting consumers that they weren't getting what they bought, EVEN THOUGH you STILL see the bloody E3 reveal trailer when you go through the videos when you purchase the game on PS4.


Edit: PS, Unholy_One... It's CLEARLY an rpg... It's not even debatable... RPG doesn't mean dungeons and dragons.

UnHoly_One1794d ago

I know RPG doesn't mean Dungeons and Dragons.

It means skills and upgrades and customizing a character in a multitude of different ways.

Elder Scrolls is an example of an RPG. You can be anything from a bow wielding sneaky character to a full on mage to an armored beast with a sword and shield.

In Witcher, you can be Geralt. That's it. You use a two handed sword, and a crossbow and the same 5 spells as every other single person playing the game. You can look at gameplay from 100 different maxed out characters and never be able to tell any difference between them.

That's why it's a crap RPG.

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kraenk121795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

DAI isn't even the best Dragon Age game, actually one of the worst... let alone one of the best RPGs.

WellyUK1795d ago

DA:I had a fantastic soundtrack but other than that it wasn't any where near as good as Origins.

1795d ago
Armaggedon1795d ago

It is. Many people dont realize the allure of dragon age games. They are looking for up front mental stimulation through graphics, characters, entertainment, etc. One of the main allures of Dragon Age games are that the player is rewarded with secrets or tidbits of information. That is why Dragon Age is more for people who are into the lore. A petty fetch quest for one person is a goldmine for another. What happened to the elves?what is Flemeth? what is the fade? If one is not interested in things like this, Dragon Age wont do alot for them.

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nuckfuggets1796d ago

Of course the either takes the crown

Relientk771796d ago

*WRPGs you mean, considering no JRPGs on this list

freshslicepizza1795d ago

then please list some of this century that are better than these games. all the good jrpg's are on handhelds too.

1795d ago
freshslicepizza1795d ago

good, finally someone is able to provide some. lost odyssey and valkyria chronicles are both very good. it's just too bad jrpg's haven't done well lately on consoles or the pc.

PygmelionHunter1795d ago

StardustLemon is spot on with that list.

There's also tons of other great JRPGs relaesed mainly for Ps2 and Nintendo's portable consoles that could easily make it into the list.

UnHoly_One1795d ago

Probably because there haven't been any good ones.

sullynathan1795d ago

Dark souls is a jrpg and is easily better than the games on this list.

freshslicepizza1795d ago

so people disagree with me yet provide no counter, typical.

TC7311796d ago

The Witcher 3 at #1 is well-deserved. Such a well-executed, meticulously-crafted game.

Where's FFX though? It was released this century.

Darkwatchman1795d ago

I've played a lot of rpg's. Rpg's are my favorite genre and FFX would not come anywhere near best RPG for me. Certainly, it's a well made game and I enjoyed my playthrough of it, but if we're being honest, more recent handheld RPG series have it beat as pure rpg's by a long shot. The Etrian Odyssey series immediately comes to mind as does the Shin Megami Tensei series from SMT 4 to the Devil Survivor series.

Even some lesser known vita niche jrpg's like dungeon travelers 2 are significantly better pure distillations of excellent RPG experiences. FFX is not that great of an rpg.

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