Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Pre-Order Sales Are Extremely Low

Estimated pre-order data is in and Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare has an alarmingly low number of pre-orders.

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Chaos_Order1797d ago

I'm glad. Not because I want the game to fail, but for once it would be good to see gamers actually stick to their guns instead of bashing a game constantly, claiming it's a waste of money, down voting the trailer into oblivion... and then buying it anyway.

Gardenia1796d ago

Yes, for years there is complaining what COD has become but the sales were always good. So why would they change it? If now finally the game won't sell well, they might listen and go back to what COD should be about

objdadon1796d ago

Oh it's gonna sell more than any other shooter no matter what. That is the cold hard truth.

Paytaa1796d ago

I actually want the game to fail.

Segata1795d ago

Same here. It's the Michael Bay of gaming.

spicelicka1796d ago

I'm not sure why you think "gamers" are one collective entity. You realize the people bashing the game are not the same as the ones buying the game right? There are some, but vast majority of the buyers are from the casual market, or people who don't participate in gaming website comments.

Chaos_Order1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Yes, but I've seen comments from tons of people on YouTube who say they hate the direction of the new Cod, think keeping MW Remastered exclusive to the legacy edition is a dick move, that Activision is just milking them, but they're going to buy it anyway because they want MW Remastered. And that's just the people who are being open about it. I guarantee many gamers who say they won't get it and down-voted the trailer will put down a pre-order.

Also, I'm pretty sure the casual market uses YouTube. If IW can sell gangbusters after having the most disliked gaming video on YouTube, I'm just not sure what to think.

TheGreatGamer1797d ago

I couldn't give a shit, they did a cheap move by locking the remaster behind the space warfare base game and there's far better shooters e.g. Battlefield 1 and Gears 4 coming this fall anyway

Deadpooled1796d ago

Clicked disagree downvote thing by mistake. Hopefully the preorders stay like this and that people are not duped by Activisions adverts pumped out with some random celebrity

Goldby1796d ago

We'll see this e3 i guess. Quick question. During their presentation, how much time do you think will be devoted to infinite warefare, how much time for modern warefare and how much time for the dlc and seasosn pass. Im feeling bone for modern warfare and 40% on infinite warfare and 60% on the seasons pass and dlc you dont get at launch lol

Deadpooled1796d ago


I think a lot of the time will be devoted to Infinite Warfare by whichever conference it is in to make it seem like it's a great addition to the Cod series, and mentioning some random stats from advanced warfare/blops3 to make it seem like people want this sort of thing. Then only a brief mention of the remaster.

kraenk121796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Oh right..I totally forgot there is Gears 4 going after the COD demographics this year. Big factor!

annoyedgamer1797d ago

Good. Force them to release COD4 remaster separately or risk losing sales.

Goldby1796d ago

Better, force them to make a good game instead.

annoyedgamer1796d ago

Not happening, the studios have been gutted, just like EA's studios, they are devoid of talent.

Xavior_Reigns1796d ago


Dont be surprised if Bungie begins making COD installments. Sure Acti hasnt taken over but it wouldnt be shocking if they did. Besides Bungie are no longer the flaming ninja masters we once knew.

Lennoxb631797d ago

Nobody's seen any substantial gameplay yet.

DeadlyOreo1796d ago

Bingo. I swear we get these types of articles with every single Cod release around this time of year before any gameplay has been shown, yet it'll no doubt go on to sell 20+ million. I'm keeping an open mind until something is actually shown.