Defender of the Crown Coming to Mattel Intellivision

Carl Williams writes, "Recently we covered the sale of Cinemaware, the owners of the Defender of the Crown games, to Starbreeze. Well, in the comments of that article we were alerted to a legal port of Defender of the Crown to the Mattel Intellivision. Once I heard this, I knew I had to bring forward an article covering it- help bring more attention to legal development of licensed titles like this by independent publishers. This is what retro gaming should be about- legal ports that no one has to hide in the shadows to discuss."

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popup1801d ago

Such a classic game and iconic brand. These games planted seeds that are still growing today.

triverse1801d ago

That is why I had to write this article, promoting the fact that the company that owned, and the new company that owns the rights now, are ready and willing to work with fans to keep these games alive and well on new platforms.