Activision Will Show an “In-Depth Look” at Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s Campaign at E3

The presence of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare at E3 was pretty much a given, but today you learned a bit of information on what you’re going to see, courtesy of the franchise’s official Twitter account.

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detroitmademe1364d ago

Why show an in depth look at a 5 hour campaign? I don't get it

JamesBroski1363d ago

Because it's revolutionary /s

Goldby1363d ago

This year we are revolutionizing the jetpack by creating the all new all different all super awesome coolness rocket pack...

Themba761363d ago

yea revolutionary with the dislikes

Shubhendu_Singh1363d ago

COD franchise hype is at all time low this year.

I doubt campaign is something revolutionary that could change its bad rep, but can't blame them for trying.

Would love to see BF1 reception at E3 vs COD reception from crowd.

WellyUK1363d ago

because people only buy games for SP on N4G.

pompombrum1363d ago

Will it have space fish ai?

1363d ago
scark921363d ago

^ Does that answer your question?

Goldby1363d ago

Sad thing. I could see them doing something similar at the presentation.

Public: can you tell us about the ai and advancements you made to singleplayet enemies.

Activision: we are taking you into space with rocket packs and wall jumping.

Public: and the ai?

Activision: we are bringing back mw but only if you travel space with new rocket packs and runn on walls in space.

Public: are you ai?

Activision: wall running.

SouthClaw1363d ago

Ah you beat me to it! Was going to ask same thing lol

scark921363d ago

Wonder how many dislikes this will have *applause*

Fin_The_Human1363d ago

It will probably get a lot boos at E3 but when the game releases it will sell millions.

Even the people who are hating on the game now are still thinking about buying the game just the the Modern Warfare remaster.

scark921363d ago

COD4 is one of my favourites of all time, but I do not plan on buying this. If a standalone comes about I may.

Goldby1363d ago

Activision PR points to screen

"Thats space"

mafiahajeri1363d ago

Cue the real time Michael Bay slow mo dramatic seen it a million times before real time events...

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The story is too old to be commented.